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Freddie Mercury left her former girlfriend with millions of gifts

Mary Austin was the real love of the king's life. The couples were many for many years, and recognized that he was gay, he became his personal assistant.

Mary Austin was born in 1951. The daughter of a poor couple, the father cut the fabrics At a store and mom working in a small company.

He met Freddie Mercury in 1970 in a legendary Biba shop.Located in the center of Kensington, the Royal Albert Hall subway and the classic Harrods.

Freddie Mercury and the 38th Anniversary of Mary Austin (Grosby)

Bohemia RhapsodyA film about the genius of rock reveals the existence of women He lives in London and is currently 67 years old. And now he was also known a million: Austin earned more than $ 51 million for the film.

Austin found Mercury after his death in his testament. But not as someone else. It was the main benefit of the Queen's leaders. Document published in May 1992. The musician kept half of his assets and money. Garden Lodgings, Maria's still-existing mega palace.

Freddie Mercury Mary Austin

Freddie Mercury Mary Austin

When Austin was 19 and met Mercury 24. His friend and side Brian May were fascinated by the beauty of women in the first place. Mercury asked him confidently: "Why are you Maria? I can not invite you? They admitted May and almost began to love silence. Revelation by guitarist in the interview in 2017.

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They lived two years. Mercury gave magical years to take his "wife" to the rest of his lifeeven if the laws were not married. At one time, in 1975, they realized that they approached them, the artist wanted his mother, Jer Bulsa, forever. He presented with a jade ring and asked to marry him. But he did not move forward.



During those years, Mary found the charisma that lost her true musical talents and her partner. Your love Despite the harassment of the "harassment" of the victim, he never let him out of his glory moments.

But everything would end (half, partial) after one year with her. In the sixth year he said he was a cohabitation gay. It was partial release.



He was honest with him again, although Mary loved her very much. Not knowing how to deal with the situation, Mercury said bisexual. But it was more correct and correct: "No, Freddie, I do not think you're a bisexual. You think you're gay".

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They continued together, but this time it's not a couple. Freddie still wanted to close. I needed it all the time. And he continued to worship. How could we not love the talents, friendship, and humanity that I love loved for six years, and with that I learned so much in life? His "wife" was his personal assistant. After all, who can have more confidence?

Mary was in her hands when she was killing her hand. On November 24, 1991 he felt his life London Lodge at the London Palace. Freddie (her Freddie) was 45 years old.

This last company went beyond it. When he closed his eyes he was there. They wanted that. It was a complete comedy. The cause of death: a pneumonia could not escape due to the weakened body.

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