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Freddy Villarreal regretted the "Videomatch" hidden cameras and was confessed – 2013/12/27

Freddy Villarreal He once lamented the "hidden cameras" Videomatch, Thus, with his relatives, he works with models and actors, and at the same time, He acknowledged that "they were fixed".

"18 years ago there was another mentality. I would not do it today. I did everything completely," Freddy started talking to her strangers (American, 13).

And he went on: "It was a sketch For now, he agreed with models and actors. He was asked … Full Monty It was a movie or play, when it was finished with that choreography, where the actors stayed like that … ".

In the same vein, Pedro Alfonso, he worked as a producer of the program Marcelo Tinelli, he said: "Phases are … We are all growing … Today they have not been done (" hidden cameras ") …".

Engraved in 2001, the famous "Tinko jodita", Villarreal, José María Listorti, Larry De Clay, Pichu Straneo, Yayo and Sebastián Almada, were left out of different women's clothes (Julieta Prandi or Anamá Ferreyra, only mentioned) They had a delicate moment.

At the beginning of 2018, critically consolidating the contents of these programs, Some of these "Sketches" were broadcast on the Internet.

On Twitter, for example, @matlockss said: "Today, 26, I think the only thing that he did not realize he was doing anything wrong with TV. Amount of different beliefs. I also understand that my parents had the revolutionary programs of Tinelli and, like many others, grew with such things. "

A couple of weeks ago, the subject had a much greater impact The actress of Thelma FardinJuan Darthés raped Patito Feo in a tour of Nicaragua in 2009.

Afterwards, many women thought they had similar characteristics.

One of them was Maria Del Cerro, a driver and driver, who was under 11 years of age with sexual abuse. The story of Mery was given in ShowMatchTinelli's microphone in front. And the "sketchs" video was sent to the new virus, trying to show the current differences in the content of the past.

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