Monday , February 17 2020
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Free Economy: Argentina is the worst recession since 2009

According to a private report published in recent times, Argentina is the worst recession since 2009, after 2.6% of last year's economic activity. Droughts, rate increases and devaluation were the main reasons for the economic downturn, according to Ecolatina consultancy.

At this time, due to the negative statistical trace left by the adventurous Ecolatina in 2018 and the political uncertainty of the presidential elections this October, the recovery of the country's economy will be slow.

Also, a 2019 agricultural crop is expected to rise (more than one growth point is expected) and most of the commercial sections (boosted by the exchange rate competitiveness and boosted expectations) are the Brazilian economy).

While consumption is subject to the increase of rates and the instability of exchange rates, the real wage restoration limit will be set, which has begun to show improvements in previous elections. But the private study warns that this recycling "is not enough before the deterioration and the year approach, the average average wage of 3.5% average".

In the rest of the year, economic activity will fall by around 1%, once it has been double-digitally for 2001-2002. In that sense, and at the appropriate time, it will be a recovery in our country. Part of economic activity (3% + over the year).

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