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Free Super Meat Boy at Epic Games store limited in limited time only

Digital store Epic Games Here is the stay. Attack of the throne in the current state Valves and Steam It's not easy, but the Fortnite phenomenon is known by parents, and they also have money and desire. For this reason, the platform has taken some measures to consolidate its first steps. Among them, he has given up Two games a month free, and on December 11, and touched on Subnautica Super Meat Boy. The second currently available to download.

Super Meat Boy will be free for all the users of the Epic Games Store from December 28 to January 10. To download iconic platforms for two decades, one of the most addictive indie games of this decade and games are trying to throw the knot through the window for more time.

How to download Super Meat Boy

To get Super Meat Boy, just register for the store, go to the product and go to the product page. It is not rent, nor temporary unblocking, but it will be forever ours.

He has the title 13.99 price overallAt this time there are also deals and restrictions on Christmas offers in Steam, you can buy 1.39 euros.

It's hard for the title version to not fall into your hands, that's it PS Plus, Humble bouquets Many and all kinds gifts and discounts, a golden opportunity is still known or recoverable. ours favorite cacho meat. Especially if that is taken into account In 2019, his followers will arrive, Super Meat Boy FOREVER.

For its part, Epic Games Store not only based on the distribution of games that he placed on the table, but also through exclusive releases. Full expression of intent with face Valve and Epic for 2019 movidito.

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