Tuesday , January 25 2022

From Zaira to Wanda Nara's mobile message


The host posted a nostalgic message to his sisters and nephews on the web.

Wanda Ntora He returned to Italy ZairaHe often gave us an emotional message to her sister, her and her nephew, emotionally.

After enjoying the family in the Buenos Aires holidays, Wanda Nara returned to Italy with her children and Mauro Icardi. Sadly about Zira, Instagram offered a nostalgic message.

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"I always hate to say goodbye … but now I learned these values, because I am sad, I know, because it is a great love that makes us stronger and stronger."said Zaira.

"Today it was more difficult because he lost Mali … come back soon or let us go", wrote the host morph You can see Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto, Francesca and Isabella.

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See Zaira his friend and sister, Wanda Nara ► greetings

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