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Fuel sales grew 7% in October, but fell by almost 3% year – 29/11/2013


After almost 70% of rising prices, Fuel sales rose 7% in October, compared to September. However, they register year-on-year drop of 2.85%. These official data would be confirmed in November, according to various oil companies consulted. "The floor came in SeptemberIn that sense, the improvement took place and remained in November "into a company.

As it happened throughout the year, "premium" fuels are at least a beneficiary of a certain recovery. The office improved 4% in October, but it still has 28% lower in the "premium" year of the year. The highest quality diesel is 6% lower than in 2017.

The total volume of gasoline sent in October 2018 is 4% less than in the same month of 2017. In diesel, the fall is slightly higher than 2.

The "premium" price of fuel increased by almost 75% this year. This reduced sales in an unusual way. In Executive Management, they maintain that hydrogen prices have risen (10% said, but the other dollar quote) began in December. According to petroleum companies, oil companies are still late, and this increase may almost happen.

In any case, there were fuel contained in improvements made in October. 33% were higher in comparison to 28% compared to the same month in 2017.

Gasoline came from 32.54 in October to YPF, and the "premium" fuel was $ 38.51. The country's largest oil company "super" was $ 36.76, while the first $ 43.47 was launched.

The price changes in November were smaller and more variable. Axion reported and indicated more than 5% according to what Shell did. But YPF cut 2.5% recycling. When growth was less than the competitors, Axion and Shell reversed and YPF expanded.

"30% of the customers of the flags migrated to YPF ", he admitted that the executive was not willing to identify. "It was also the pressure of the General State Administration on the increase in November," they said in another company. The government and YPF have denied that these frikes have existed.

The Azaroko rally was the clearest: Super reached 37.59, and the first one went up 54 cents to $ 44.01.

For two months, oil companies believe that this year's fuel shipments could be higher than last year. December behavior will be imbalance.

Oil output, Cristóbal López oil company, It also has effects inside the market that make up the brand. The YPF market share rose from 53.75% to 54.85%, according to the information provided by the Cecha Chamber in the information provided by the Energy Secretariat. The Shell brand (currently owned by Raizen in Brazil) has lost a market: from 20.93% to 20.54%. Axion has grown from 12.82% to 13.91%. This last flag can always be similar to YPF, but in the last few months, it is a bit out of the way and it is the path between Shell and leader.

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