Thursday , June 24 2021

Fuel would go up over the weekend: How much should rise – Economy

In December, the prices of the lowered fuel prices fell due to the rise in the dollar, which had risen by almost 10% in the last days, affecting $ 40 in every bank in each country.

Rumors of a minority as a result of the sharp downturn in gross prices dropped to $ 60 when oil companies finally adjusted to local values ​​by 16% less than when it came to import quotas. .

However, the US currency crash would add an increase of 8.34% on bioethanol and the fluctuations in taxation that affect the next month, which would eliminate this option and end it for the weekend. New increase, which will be the 15th of 2018.

The tax increase would affect prices
The new Nautilus rise would be $ 1.10, while the diesel would rise to $ 0.75. Measures are applied to quarterly increase in Fuel Transfers (ITC) and Carbon Dioxide Tax (IDC), as reported by retailers.

He raises the tax burden on the new amplitude. The final adjustments of ITC and IDC have been applied in September and will be up until November 30. On the 1st of December, this new adjustment will be applied until February 28. But, in March 2019, these taxes will be recovered again.

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