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Funes Mori came to Maxi Meza

Maximiliano Meza He had no rest. The steering wheel ended the season independent December 8th. However, after extensive negotiations, when he arrived at Rayados in Monterrey, training began in Gabon. Beyond that, the midfielder of the past Gimnasia and Esgrima, La Plata and Rojo de Avellaneda, was very well received by the teammates.

He was in charge of the good reception Rogelio Funes MoriHe has been in the Mexican club since 2015 and has left the organization to be able to enter the country of America. du Former river stream I left behind the wheel in Avellaneda's list with his Instagram account. Welcome to Maxi Meza. Aztek's team striker announced the best.

In this way, Azteca's soccer will be easier for the Argentinian football team to adapt. That's it Monterrey League is one of the MX clubs, the first Mexican division, with more Argentine players. In fact, the Mexican team captain and subcontinent are from Argentina.

Among the players of our country that play in the Aztec club is our football history. Notably, Marcelo Barovero, from the Necaxa team, has left another stream that Juan Pablo Carrizo, who left for Cerro Portède, will take part in the initial row and will play the next edition. Copa Libertadores de Amrica.

The Mexican team captain, Jos Mara Basanta, is the sub-captain of the Argentinean World Cup in 2014. Another Nicolás Snchez, New Chicago, River, Godoy Cruz and Racing is another Brazilian football game. Leonel Vangioni Sánchez and Basanta meet the founding defender of the Mexican foundation, now joining one of these figures independent.

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