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G20: Attacked and won a famous academic Puerto Madero

Kirton spun around the stolen strangers that stole the surrounding things Credit: Twitter

John Kirton of Canada, perhaps best-known


In matters related to academic and journalism, he was attacked and fortified in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero.

Kirton was stunned by strangers strangers from neighboring neighbor, when the buses were very close to the Summit Summit.


"At 31 G7 tops, twelve G20 tops and one of the BRICS in 1988, my luck and host security finally ran out … Do not cry for me, cry for Argentina," wrote Kirton.
On Twitter.

"I was walking with two colleagues to attack two young men, the G20 High School journalist who travels to Buenos Aires should not only travel or trust the local police will be safe," he added.

Kirton stated in his messages that section that passed through a few places linked to G20 activities, although he was jealously protected.

Over 22 thousand troops will launch a mega security operation at the G20 meeting.

State meetings will be held on November 30 and December 1 in Buenos Aires, with reduced traffic and blockage.

The Security Minister,

Patricia Bullrich,

It was defined as "powerful, strong and adequate"; Meanwhile

Hernán Lombardi,

The coordinator of the G20 Technical Unit said that we have shown the great potential of the "meeting" organization. "

Kirton is a political science professor and co-founder, director and conductor of the G20 Research Group (James Orbinski), founder of the Global Health Diplomacy Program and the founders and founders of the BRICS Research Group, together with the director and director of the G7 Research Group (together with Alan Alexandroff and Donald Brean) one at the Munk School of All Affairs, University of Trinity College, at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Since 2016, he has been Deputy Director of the International Relations Program at the same university. He arrived at the University of Buenos Aires to integrate the G20 meetings and decisions.

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