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G20 summit: hospitals on red alert, with reserved beds and delayed surgeries – 11/28/2018

Intensive therapy beds are reserved. Las Surgeries scheduled for this week will not be made. The services of guard They have assigned teams in reserve, made up of doctors and technicians who, before a call, will have up to an hour to say present and start working. These days, the hospitals they are thought more by colors –red and yellow-, which by their names or specialties, and many of the City and some of the Province are on the alert. The reason is the summit of the G20.

"We are working with one hypothesis of conflict. A perhaps unfortunate concept, because it is too warlike, but that translates to preparing for an event that generates multiple victims, "explains Bugler a doctor of the Children's Hospital Ricardo Gutiérrez, who requests reservation of his name. He is not worried It says that it is a question speculation, that in medicine it is convenient to exaggerate and that it is better to prepare for an event that hardly happens, than to do it.

From the weekend, in Gutiérrez the surgeries that required post-operative therapy in intensive care were suspended. The decision came from him Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires During the summit he demands the pediatric hospital, and others seven medical institutions of the City, the largest amount of free beds in critical and intermediate areas.

In addition, within the process of adaptation, the Gutiérrez authorities adapted cardiovascular therapy to attend patients of all kinds, and armed a unit that supports the simultaneous influx of dozens of wounded, with sectors red, yellow and green for the distribution of patients, according to their severity.

"The G20 is a special event, in which there may be chemical incidents, toxic fumes, pepper gas, different scenarios that force us to have a detoxification area, which is already contemplated," the doctor adds. Both he and other professionals from the public centers involved work with a history: the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg. It happened last year and it was one of the most violent meetings. It included 100 thousand protesters, 186 detainees, 225 temporary arrests and 400 injured police officers.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the hospitals in red alert by the summit are Argerich, Fernández, Santojanni, Quemados, Santa Lucía, Gutiérrez, Pirovano and Tornú. In the latter, at its entrance on the Malvinas Fighters, in Parque Chas, the passage by car is restricted. "It's not to saturate the parking lot and allow the takeoff or landing of a helicopter ", says a hospital doctor.

Hospital Tornú. It is affected by the G20 Summit. It has a heliport and in one of its revenues the transit is restricted.

Hospital Tornú. It is affected by the G20 Summit. It has a heliport and in one of its revenues the transit is restricted.

It has more than 25 years of service and remember similar preparations during the visit of Bill Clinton to Buenos Aires in 1997. "The difference is that he was a president and now they are 19," he affirms, and clarifies that the preparation so far also goes through reinforce the amount of staff on guard and increase the critical area's attention capacity by 20%. Defines: "It is preventative planning, to respond in an emergency".

In recent weeks, when doctors, nurses, and technicians were notified of the changes in care, social networks and WhatsApp worked as a resonance box.

The first document that was viralized was a norm issued by the Directorate of City Hospitals that suspended ordinary licenses, attendance at congresses, conferences and symposiums, as a way to bring together the largest number of staff in the previous days and while the G20 is being developed. Closer in time, applications from each medical center referred to the obligation of release beds and make them available to the guard. Also, audios came and played. Some like the one of a supposed nurse of the Udaondo Hospital, who urged not to leave the houses during the summit and said that "it was supposed that there would have been 1,500 dead." The audio is unfounded.

But beyond false content, WhatsApp and Twitter are also working with a channel where the same doctors debate regarding the scope of "Working with a conflict hypothesis".

Not all institutions solve cases of high complexity nor are they in equal resources, infrastructure and equipment. "Some hospitals are not able to absorb a catastrophe. Many are scrapped. Here many times there is not even a thread to suture, "complains a head of the Durand hospital, who is in yellow alert. In the Pirovano there are also complaints.

"A year ago we know about the G20, but recently in the last few days they began to tell me: 'I see that if necessary, you have to strengthen'. It does not exist. How did it come? There are no subways, no trains, some groups work, and the City in much of it is closed, "says a guardian.

In the Pirovano an emergency committee was created, but the organization at its discretion was not successful: "Months ago, the guards were to be rearmed and to decide who was to come. The technicians are not even summoned, and without them the operating theaters can not be used, "says and ends:" The idea of ​​strengthening with staff sounds good, but in practice it is inapplicable ".

Dr. Alejandro García Escudero, one of the chiefs of the hospital El Cruce, by Florencio Varela, disiente "We are in conditions. We have personnel, medications, prosthesis, disposable material, orthopedic devices," it lists. Due to the proximity of the Buenosairean hospital to the capital, for having a heliport and for being a center of high complexity, it was added to the registry. It works under yellow alert.

"That designation implies that the guard campus, like other doctors and technicians, become redundant," says García Escudero, "so in the event that an event occurs, they are called, they come quickly and they fold themselves to attention. It happens, but, just in case, there is a prevention logistics ".

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