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Gago is still number 1 and Balerdi? – 12/01/2019

"We have closed a good result with Balerdi," Angel Angelici said yesterday, and it was right … Not Barcelona Juan Román Riquelme and Villarreal did not pay Martin Borergov to pay Borussia Dortmund to Leonardo Balerdi, a 19-year-old baby, Boca Primo He played only five games and spent 16,000 euros for German football, according to which the youngest will be in the fourth place in the club's history, a shared place with less than Walter Samuel …

Fernando Gago Real Madrid was the most important sale of 27 million dollars in 2007. Ever Banega-Valentzian since the end of 2008. Behind Carlos Tevez, Corinthians paid 20 clubs in 2004. And then Walter Samuel was in Rome in 2000, $ 19,000 for $ 1000.

Fernando Gago was the most expensive sale of the club: $ 27 million.

Banque left 26 million dollars when he went to Valencia.

For Tevez, Corinthians paid $ 20 million at the end of 2004.

Similar to Dortmund's pay, converting the dollar into Euro and reaching 500,000 million targets by Leo.

The first attempt at Boca was not to negotiate Balerdi at the time, but he had the opportunity to make more games, so the club took advantage of the promise of livestock, but the offer was 10,000,000 Out of Clause, it was impossible. "I'd love to play a bit more time with Boca Jersey," Angelica said yesterday at 5.90. "They provided an important contract for five years, and there is a clause … I did not have the chance to go to the Borussia managers, but if Balerdi had 25 million speakers, it was not a sale."

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