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Galaxy S10 says they will have six cameras and a revolutionary design – 12/14/2014


It takes less time to reach 2019 and, as usual, smart phone manufacturers prepare their main offices. The giant market leader in the market is the successor of Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, and has an innovative design: without a frame and without a bunch or nail of three varieties.

The first signs of this revolutionary design originated in the past Presentation of the first folding phone Samsungen. There, they also took the opportunity to show them on Infinity O, Infinity New, Infinity U and Infinity V screens, which will surely be used on their mobile phones and sold by other manufacturers on their mobile phones.

While Infinity V and Infinity U are similar to other eyebrow or notch displays on the other mobile phones, New Infinity fully protects the mobile phone that offers the pure screen and the unique Infinity O hole, for example, to accommodate the front camera.

According to Evan Blass (@evleaks), the Samsung Infinity O screen would choose the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus devices. The measurements could be 5.8 inches. The SM-G975x model would have a 6.44-inch screen.

On the other hand, South Korean company Galaxy S10 would launch three different models, including traditional Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, but will also include a new version of 5G connectivity through the 2019 user-friendly communication network.

Six cameras and one fingerprint detector

The main controlling leaks in the Evan Blass mobile market reveal Twitter's social network profile, which Galaxy S10 would have three rear cameras, a regular, broad angle, and a telephoto, similar to today's LG V40, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and probably Huawei P30.

Safety features confirm that Galaxy S10 finally integrates a wireless reader with ultrasound technology, at the top of the upper device at least, and was expected from A8 family-owned devices.

The dilemma that generates probable use is the accuracy of detecting the trace, not as a regular reader. In the case of approved icons for @Iceuniverse, this Galaxy S10 sensor, for example, could recognize 30 percent of the screen, so that it would be faster than optical readers today.

Features and specifications

According to the specialized Cnet site, it is very difficult to have the first phones to integrate the new processor Galaxy S10 Snapdragon 8150 (Snapdragon 855), which has 7 nm architectures, which does not offer more power, but rather better Battery Consumption. Qualcomm will be revealed in the Summit that will be held in December, a yearly event that reveals the company's products to mobile products.

As with S9, Qualcomm processor would target the United States, Exynos 9810's successor processor, Exynos 9820, and 8nm architecture.

The layout of the Galaxy S10 layout is likely. (Photo: @ venyageskin1)

The layout of the Galaxy S10 layout is likely. (Photo: @ venyageskin1)

Regarding the rest of the architecture, the basic model would only be RAM 4GB, the Galaxy S10 Plus and the 5GB version would have 6GB or 8GB RAM.

The storage variants are still unclear, although these phones have 64 GB or GB 128 GB. even though they are the only models that can have at least 1TB and 12GB RAM. In fact, the MySmartPrice website guarantees that the Galaxy S10 RAM is the first of 12 GB.

There was no official shaping, but Samsung's next phone was in Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress 2019), from February 25 to 28, in cases like S9 and S9 Plus.

However, there are rumors that Samsung will start up at Las Vegas's electronic CES Fair. This time, Korea Herald's Korea magazine has been one of the tracks that Samsung has favored in mobile phones in 2019.

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