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Gendarmerie and police raking Bariloche for women

The National War War and the Río Negro Police look at corrupt author Mariano Cordi, Valeria Coppa's feminist.

The man confessed to the perpetrators of the crime the circle of friends after the shooting of women yesterday in the Bariloche Cathedral gardens.

Since then, he is a fugitive of Justice.

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Cordi left the car in his house, leaving about 8 blocks of his home and leaving the place Valeria Coppa shot 22-caliber gun, secretary of childhood and nursery school, who was the last partner.

Rays of co-operation with the person in charge of the investigation Taxian Betiana Cendón, Ñireco stream, Circunvalación, La Paloma transformer station and Lera district, among others.

The lawyer said this afternoon They were exiled to Cordi's homeLocated on the Peula street on the border between the 2 of April and the neighborhoods of El Frutillar, and people in other nearby houses.

He also arrested the vehicle that took him to the cathedral, where Valeria Coppa died on a clear day at around 16:00.

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Feminized by Valeria Coppa, due to the women's organizations being set up in the afternoon. The family does not agree with the mobilization.

In the meantime, the council issued a two-day sentence.


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