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General Motors will close five plants and permanent employees: Trump responded furiously – 11/11/2013


The state of the United States bonanza, with low economic growth and an unemployed economy, begins cracking. General Motors, one of the country's most emblematic companies 14,500 workers will die, close to five plants and will produce six sedans.

The measure represents a tough blow to the promise of the President Donald Trump It would create new jobs in the automotive industry. that's why President began to annoy him, criticizing the company's decision.

Lordstown plant where Chevrolet Cruze is manufactured. (AP)

Lordstown plant where Chevrolet Cruze is manufactured. (AP)

Trump immediately spoke with General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, to express his distress. "I talked to him and said that I'm not happy what he did. I was very hard. We know, the United States saved General Motors, and if it was driven by the company from Ohio, it's not good, "he said.

Then Trump wrote some tweets, where he threatened to commit. "General Motors and Mary Barra, their chief executive, are very disappointed, closing Ohio, Michigan and Maryland plants.The USA saved General Motors, and we received this thanks! Now, we are analyzing the reduction of subsidies, including electric cars, "he said.

The Lehendakari, as in the other dispute, re-used the nationalist arguments to ask the company: "General Motors has made a lot of money in China a year ago When plants were built. And in Mexico. I do not think winning this bet. Here I am to protect American workers! "

General Motors announces that 15% of employees have run out. According to the forecast, there are 3,300 employees in the United States, another 2,600 in Canada and 8,000 in administration and management. Four assembly plants should also be closed in the US territory: one in Ohio, one in Maryland, and one in Michigan in Michigan, and one in Canada.

The measurements respond to two weight factors. First of all Changes in demand and new business demands modern world Secondly, the effect of the Trump China boomerang commercial warfare.

Lordstown's Ohio plant would be closed in the coming months. (AP)

Lordstown's Ohio plant would be closed in the coming months. (AP)

Fight with the Asian giant The government imposed high prices for vehicles, Replicated by the Chinese authorities. In this way, the prices and exports of imported cars have increased.

To do this, we need to add protective measures, for example 25% application in Steel and 10% in aluminum, From China and from other suppliers. It had a direct impact on cars.

Barra has admitted that the tariffs are serious problems, such as fares, but they are not the only reason for restructuring. The house, in preparation for the future, makes these changes. "We are hoping to change the changing conditions of the market and customer preferences in order for our company to be successful in the long term," he said.

"More than 75% of GM's global sales volume will come from the five architectural features started in the next decade," said Barra. Thus, GM tries to channel its production into the most profitable vehicle, such as SUVs and SUVs.

General Motors of Canada. (AP)

General Motors of Canada. (AP)

Almost in October 65% of new vehicles sold in the United States were trucks or trucks15% more than five years ago. Most restrained plants in this restructuring produce vehicles that are not sold in the region. One of them It will be the Chevrolet Cruze. The future of other plants will be negotiations with trade unions.

The company also prepares electric and autonomous cars. The CEO of GM has indicated that cars and trucks become more complex and that the company needs less engineers and engineers working in the internal combustion engines. "Vehicles are becoming more and more software. We need a lot of technical values ​​with millions of codes, "he said.

A strict measure of General Motors Trump's politics goes liveCommitment to revitalize the creation of employment in the US industrial belt. and promote the manufacture of country cars. Ohio, where a plant will be closed, is one of the key constituencies in the electoral list and it has power in the 2016 elections.

Imagery could be more complex, because General Motors predicted what other companies are doing. According to experts, Ford can take a similar policy over the next months.

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