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Genetic advances make dreams and nightmares – GeekWire

He was Jiankui
He Jiankui, a Chinese researcher, will explore the laboratory's work, which has changed these genes to protect them from future HIV infections. (The He Lab via YouTube)

In science, it was the best time and the worst era.

In 2018, when researchers focused on how to reprogramme patients' diseases, they reprogrammed their own cellular cells, but in the genetic experiments they constantly crossed the thoughts of red lines. In the first year, women won a part of the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry, but also highlighted the #MeToo issues in the science community.

Stephen Hawking was the year that marked the years that the British physicist was, the most popular scientist in the world of living.

While looking at 2018, I've seen the stories that I've missed, but other people have been outstanding at the end of year appeals. So, even though things are going out, the ten-day list focuses on five developments that we presented in the last 12 months, and five more did not play at the time. To write the comments section to write volunteers, use lower science and lower lighting types. (For example, the sad story of Tahlequah and Southern Resident Orca residents at the end of the Seattle Times):

We've highlighted five advances

Edited edited by children born in China. In the last month, the genetic researcher Jiankui gave birth to a mutation genetically engineered by the two young girls to prevent the HIV virus. Claims believed that a door was opened to science fiction scenarios, which has changed or improved genetic features to create the true life of the X-Men (and X-Women) comic book. Since then, he and his colleagues have really been making some (or failed) questions. The experiments have now been arrested for extensive research.

Immunotherapy provides a great deal of time: Cancer and other diseases have been developed to recover the system of own immune system for cancer of the patient in recent years, while maximizing the benefits of genetically engineered cells, while reducing the negative side effects. Seattle is becoming a research center, thanks to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and biotechnology businesses. The ultimate heroes of Immunotherapy are Juno Therapeutics, Seattle Genetics, Aminex Therapeutics, OncoResponse and Kineta. Next year, the Allen Institute for Immunology campaign will be included, the $ 125 million funders of the latest Paul Allen Institute.

To solve brain mysteries: Allen Institute began 15 years ago on neurosciences, and in the last year brought about a lot of progress. In March, high school researchers published a public database of computer neuron neurons that could combine Lego blocks to simulate brain activity. The researchers participated in a project that created a new brain cell in the human brain and a "list of parts" in the research that appears in the Nature magazine is established. Looking ahead, the Institute and its Allen Frontiers Group will have multifunctional dollars, focusing on brain function and disease.

About climate change and forward: More than a year ago, announced by Donald Trump, the United States announced the refusal to stop climate change in Paris, the cause of concern over climate change. An analysis shows that carbon dioxide emissions have increased over the course of three years. An analysis of the White House from Trump's point of view and the impact of climate change on the regional region. Researchers from the University of Washington have documented the loss of American Antarctic losses and investigated the role of ancient global warming in relation to the disappearance of Earth. Washington's voters decided to refuse EU prices, but will come back in the coming months and the future. At least, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the Washington Gov. They say they like Jay Inslee. Matter

Set to return to Titanic: Everett, Wash. OceanGate, has missed its schedule, researchers and mission experts (do not call tourists!) To sink Titanic this summer. In these trials in Bahamas this month, the OceanGate team, led by Stockton Rush, has successfully tripped the test to a depth of 4,000 meters (13,000 feet). He made the only second person in Rush history to dive into a single depth. (The "Titanic" director of cinema, James Cameron, was the first.) The achievements are placed on the hold of OceanGate's Titan basement for the next Titanic expeditions.

We lost five advances

Crime Against Crime … With DNA: Genealogy buffs like me are not the only ones who use DNA testing. This year, the researchers broke the case of a 31-year-old murder of the state-owned Washington state using genetic testing of the family tree. An archived DNA analysis helped a 55-year-old suspect who was arrested in Seattle in May. The strategy also took place in April in the California State of California's Golden State Killer, and brought more than dozens of arrests. Researchers may use family tree DNA readings to identify about 60% of American whites, even if they do not have DNA testing in person.

Single-cell RNA sequencing: The Science Magazine examines the genetic progress of 2018. It involves isolating thousands of whole organisms living organisms, expressing genetic material in each cell, and then rebuilding cellular space and time. They show how single cell RNA-seq cell cells can get through life, how to regenerate tissues and how bad they are when they strike a disease. The German biologist Nikolaus Rajewsky told Science that the method of "research will be transformed".

When the ghouls kill craters? Scientists have detected traces of the massive crater in the middle of a Greenland ice sheet, thanks to NASA's Operation IceBridge survey. The 19-kilometer-wide Hiawatha Krater highlights not only its technical analysis of size and detection, but also a lengthy debate on the factors behind the disappearance of species, such as mammoths and mastodons. According to Dryas, the older hypotheses believe that an explosion against comet can lead to the North American desert, which lasted 12,800 years, when the megafauna was killed and the continental culture of Clovis was condemned. Not everyone is convinced by the Yankee Dryas hypothesis and Hiawatha Crater, but the findings have earned ten points of Science and Science news.

Moving the tree of the human family: The debate on the roots of the Homo sapiens has lasted for many years, but there have been many discoveries this year. Ancient DNA is among the 50,000-year-old men of Siberia due to the disappearance of two ancestors of Homo sapiens ancestors (Neanderthal and Denisovans). This proves that humans and neanderthals "did" thousands of years ago. Another study thought that the ancient cousin of the Homo genus lived hundreds of Chinese men a hundred years earlier. And further research suggests that Neanderthals are the same as the artificial look of Homo sapiens against the stereotype of "primitive theater".

The new archaeological boundaries of Egypt: The most influential stories on the list of ads have been the source of archaeological discoveries from some parts of Egypt outside the traces that have been reported – a tomb of 2,300-year-old months in the south of the Dahshur necropolis in Cairo and a tomb of a priest of the royal priest Saqqara, 4,400. There are also misfires, such as the discovery of an ancient miracle sarcophagus, the fact that the tomb of King Tut is not hidden in a hidden chamber, so it is not so old.

In space: Falcon Heavy was launched from a distant border

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