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Genetic Manipulation: Defends Chinese Scientist and Has a Possible Pregnancy – 11/28/2014

Scientific scientist Jiankui He today defended the work that led to birth First born genetically modified babies, a case with a profound medical and ethical influence that generates great rejection among the scientific community around the world. He announced that a second pregnancy is possible and that he will "try" in clinical trials.

He Jiankui, a 34-year-old professor at a southern city in Shenzhen, also revealed another pregnancy about his controversial work on the international conference in Hong Kong.

I said that Two twin births two months earlier to change the anti-virus antivirus virus. The scientific community condemned the experiment, and universities and government groups are examining the situation.

The second phase of pregnancy is an early stage and it is time to confirm if it is more, he said.

He Jiankui, genetically-edited embryonic scientist. (Bloomberg)

He Jiankui, genetically-edited embryonic scientist. (Bloomberg)

After talking, the scientists said now There are more reasons to be worried and more questions than answers. Director of the conference The so-called "irresponsible" experiment, it was noteworthy that the scientific community was trying to avoid self-regulation and early efforts to change DNA.

Changing before or at the moment of DNA conception is highly controversial because it can damage and inherit other genes. In some countries this practice is prohibited, Including the United States, except for laboratory research.

I have opted for the selection of HIV, a genetic modification of jealousy, but stresses that girls can benefit. "They need this protection because the vaccine is not available," said the researcher. But scientists did not approve their vision.

On Wednesday, during a medical conference in Hong Kong, Americans are flooded, he reminded Jiankui that he was born with twins, who modified DNA to deal with the AIDS virus.

He also explained that eight couples, who were a seropositive father and a seronegative mother, were tested, but one of them was removed.

"Because they apologized for their unexpectedly leaking because of it," said Jianku, on videos posted on YouTube on Sunday, announcing the birth of twins called Lulu and Nana.

"Due to the current situation, it breaks into clinical trials", adds a scientist, running a Shenzhen laboratory.

"This is a really unacceptable step"said Jennifer Doudna, a scientist at the University of Berkeley in California, and one of the inventors of a CRISPR gene editing tool." I appreciate the fact that it appeared today, but I do not think I heard a response. Understand motivation for this. "

There is currently no confirmation of confirmation by He His research has not yet been published in the scientific journals where experts can try. In the lecture, he answered a lot of questions about what he paid for, how he understood the participants with as much risk and benefit and why he ended his work in secret.

Regulators condemned the experiment, what they called not ethical and unscientific.

The Chinese National Health Commission has instructed local officials in the Guangdong province to investigate their actions and investigate what happened at the center of the South Science and Technology Center.

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