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Geraldine Neumann told them about the situation they lived with Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

Last week, Geraldine Neumann I am impressed with the strong accusation of social networks. "My husband sent this message to Ariel Rodríguez Palacios, because he knew very well and he knew about other people" ¡Qué dia! On Channel 9 ", pattern a Instagram.

"I have never said that my little profile is trying to keep my career, but the psychological abuse, persecution and violence have to be overcome. Therefore, I do not believe any women will continue working with @arielrodriguezpalacios." She added her sister Nicole.

This Thursday, after submitting to the Special Criminal Violence Unit Against Women, Geraldine He talked Pamela in the afternoon and gave details about the question he had to deal with when he worked with Palacios.

"I was very mobilized, it was not easy for me, the reality is that the part was the hardest" enough, I will say, "and to find out what happened, there were terrifying messages, we did not learn anything.He started Gege

"I was defended by a lot of people, but I did not criticize it, I told my experience and I know he would not even have or go with other programs." later he made sure.

And he added: "Things that worked with me, the first weeks of the program turned me into something uncomfortable … I pointed out the parade and my tail, asked me the time I had a good time"He revealed the pattern, which means that men "avioncito" & # 39; He wanted to feed it and again, it was used as a model to compare different types of cattle fat.

"I was surprised by" jokes "and his answer" yes, nothing happens ", then it was not going to say hello, and when I undo it, when I left the program, they did not renew, because the relationship could not be six times you do not like something … ", he kept it

"I was crying in my last program, I did not lose my job and it seemed unfair to me, I wanted to say goodbye and they told me yes, but that day I could not open my mouth, they never talked in the air." he said later.

"I cut the camera and got mad, I thought about everything I thought before everyone, especially with the manipulation of women, could not bind in two jokes, that's why I was trembling." Geraldine ended.

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