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Geraldine Neumann told them what happened to criminalize Ariel Rodríguez Palacios


Model talked Pamela in the afternoon He remembered the unpleasant situations he lived What tomorrow

Geraldine Neumann why he punished Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

Geraldine Neumann (35) He publicly denounced chefs Ariel Rodríguez Palacios (51), with which he shared the cycle What tomorrow according to the naked In 2014 After complaining about the UFEM (Special Unfair Violence Unit), he spoke on the model television for the first time.

"What happened to me in the first weeks, there were things that were uncomfortable to me: I walked and pointed to my tail. That night we understood the night. I told him again I did not like jokes, I was married and I was not interested in a game," he began. Pamela in the afternoon.

"I did not feel comfortable, I forgot to answer, nothing happened." And then I took my greeting away. I became a makeup and they all greeted me. Everyone saw that, "continued Gege. "I complained to a director and then I did not renew the contract, because he could not say the relationship. It does not seem fair," he lamented.

"I did not like the air in my mouth to give me food. I had to say goodbye to the air, of course, to explain what happened. They did not turn me on." When the camera was cut, I got mad and he told me everything I thought about himself about women's manipulation, He had no relationship with women, without making a double joke, "he continued angrily.

"I felt careless to speak first. I hope not one, because sometimes there are a lot of voices. I took care of my part and made a formal claim and anyone could join the victim or witness," he explained about his legal presentation.

He then published the release of Rodríguez Palacios in his cooking season. "He did not seem to speak. He did not care, he played and said things a little away, I do not know what he meant," he concluded.

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