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Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA: "I feel aggressive in Argentina, I do not understand and it makes me wrong"


Gianni Infantino In Argentina there is no luck. The FIFA president arrived four times in less than two years and still did not see a football match. Last weekend they were considered Monumental as the end of freedom between the extreme river and Boca, they returned to Europe on Sunday, and again in Buenos Aires on Thursday the G20. Despite rising Italian roots, he still does not understand the tension that he lives in the country.

"I see a great deal of aggression, people have to relax"He said during a conversation Infobae In a downtown hotel, on Saturday afternoon, before the private plane, you must cross over to Rio de la Plata in Montevideo. "And when I see the child's images, rings … Uffff, how can you do something like that?"

– You have defined the "frustration end" of Libertad, like "total disaster", but many Argentinians believe that they could repeat the order they had.

– No, not … President FIFA can not make a decision or click on that, because Conmebol is the decision. But, of course, it was the FIFA President, in this monument. And I have a bit of experience organizing competitions … I do not know how many European and European championships (NdR: Infantino was UEFA's Secretary General FIFA). And if I can help, I help and help. I think that you need to always play. The first decision to play with the information at that time was a direct decision.

– Alejandro Domínguez, President of Conmebol, wanted to play. Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio. Why did you think it?

– Yes, because it's always better to play. There are 60,000 people in the stadium, waiting for the whole country and many people around the world. Four stone boots would not stop.

They were more than four idiots …

– Yes, four, 40, 400 or 4,000. Idiots, however. They can not stop everything. If you play, we want to play it. I think this was the correct attitude of everyone. It was no longer possible, because the players were not really well, it was delayed. And when it's not possible, you must be calm and calm down the temperature.

– How do you see things today?

– One week later I notice the aggressiveness I do not understand. This makes me a bit annoyed when I'm in Argentina. We're all fans, we're helping our team with the stadium, we're all warmer or less, and we say things we do not say in any other state of our lives. But with violence, no.

– Do you see great aggression?

– I see great aggression. People need to be relaxed. There are children, girls, we have to put an example. When I see the child's images, flares … Uffff. When I have children, and I have four, how can you do something like that? There is no word. And I want to argue the Argentines. Stop, you realize it's a game. It is very important, but the winner will win another one hundred years for the next one and who will lose it with him. But it's a football game, not a war. President Macri and Bullrich told me. We have experience and not the only Argentinean argument.

– But here it is very serious.

– I had to stop three or four years ago when I saw the dereliction of Zurich. In switzerland! The most important thing is to think before and after, to lower the temperature, it is very serious and change.

– Dominguez says Libertadores Real Soccer and Champions PlayStation Soccer. Do you agree

– He even told me! And I came to see real football and I did not see the game … I do not know they would not see it better at the PlayStation game that afternoon. But I mean something, before the game, when they started singing, it was awesome. Amazing. It was a place … And I did not come from Luxenburg, I had several stadiums.

– There are countries that are seriously affected by the 2030 nomination in Argentina / Uruguay / Paraguay, which gives them strength in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

– Well, I think it's a bit early. The 2030 decision will be taken at four or five years, enough time for something to happen, but to "see what we did next".

– But Argentina's image compared to the candidate …

– Probably, in the opinion of some people, because we all talked about this world. But things still need to be changed.

– Is the President Macri angry because he plays in Europe?

– He did not say anything to me. I think everyone who wants to play in Buenos Aires is angry. The situation is excellent, but I do not have all the elements that Conmebol has. It is important to move ahead and make this game a sign of change and revival.

– How do you see Angelici and D & # 39; Onofrio monuments locked in hours? Do they agree, relaxed and far away?

– I felt very sad when it happened, but very respectful. I do not know what happened next, but I was surprised at that moment, I thought I would be angry at both. They were two gentlemen.

– You entered and left Monumental under insults, screams and whispers (Infantino nods). What do you feel

– Well, while I thought I did not see a PlayStation game … (laughter).

– D & # 39; Onofrio does not want to go to Madrid, what counts?

– I do not advocate for President River or Boca, but I always say that the parties are always in court.

– Anyone. It's always better. If you have not played, it's a disaster.

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