Monday , June 5 2023

Gianni Infantino, Superfinal: "The only way forward is to play in Spain"


The president of FIFA, Gianni InfantinoHe mentioned his definition Libertadores Cup between mouth and River in the Santiago Bernabéu, stadium Real Madrid, and has accepted the decision CONMEbOL: "The only way forward is to play in Spain."

"What happened was to be condemned and we all have to learn these actions and make sure that it is created before and after it never happens, "he said. Infantino, at the press conference in the G20 summit.

And he remembered that it was the decision of the game in Madrid, protected by FIFA: "Conmebol is the only one to take decisions, as the parties agreed, FIFA approved Conmebol's decision and in the game Spain is not the only game in the world. We have to challenge the football in the face of a problem of violence. "In response to a question about the transfer of FIFA out of the continent, Infantino did not answer why it was no longer comfortable to play in another city in the region with Conmebol.

He further clarified that he had not talked to Mauricio Macrin, though he sent a gratitude message and did not admit that the river request was made to change the place: "I have now found that Conmebol must take the decision, for me, you must always act. In football you can not stop the ball. We need to see how to set the reproduction conditions. "

Another point mentioned by another Italian-Swiss The meeting was attended by the supporters who traveled to the Iberian capital. "In the Russian World Cup were more sympathy than other South American countries. This football speaks about the passion that this region is experiencing In my opinion, Conmebol and the Spanish Football Federation have a great deal of experience in organizing transfers"he argued.

He also sent a long message to an ambitious meeting to calm the spirit: "We need to understand some things. It's a football game. It's not a war, not a battle, not a fight. We have to learn these lessons".

With the intention of maintaining the nomination of the Argentine 2030 World Cup (Uruguay and Paraguay), the incident could be hampered by the South American project.

"The decision to choose the World Cup in 2030 will be made in four years time. It's been a long time to see how to work and what can be done, "he explained. An anti-violence problem must be constantly discontinued. Those responsible for events that happened last Saturday should work and should not repeat, "he added. Infantino.

Before finalizing the presentation, FIFA's headmisters condemned the bars and bars that attacked the micro-mouths and caused the encounter to cease. "You must always play. The ball can not stop. We have to find solutions to avoid breaking the parties. They are the idiots that destroy the game. You need to get out of football ", he concludes. Finally, "¡Viva Argentina!" He said goodbye to journalists.

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