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Giant tail | Wanda Nara

Wanda Nara once again uses Photoshop on an Instagram card.

Wanda Nara shared the same role during the holidays of the same year and shared a photo uploaded on her social networks.

The images are from a recent photo session. In it, the wines were placed next to the winery. There she wears a short, gray, shiny and sleek dress. Her sexy look was made of black clay, loose hair and red lips.

Everything went well when the media saw an image, until you can see it in the profile, with some buttocks, very different from those shown in the previous photos.

Approximately: Wanda shared the postcard for the first time, where it was seen without going back.

"Although I am aesthetics, make-up and Photoshop, they are still ugly"; "Wanda Nara must be a person, even if Photoshop abuses continues to emerge"; "Is this sexy," Poor ", there were some comments circulated in certain images.

Mauro Icardi's wife is the first time in which Photoshop is abusing her, and this year an international photographer naturally represented: her face is very different from what she is depicted in the world. At that moment, the blondes exploded dramatically to expand their images.


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