Sunday , October 24 2021

Girls show intimate details for sparkling exchanges


The images that were twisted, shows a young woman, shows her breasts and does not show her trousers to win a sparkling wine. He started controversy in Bowling and created several reactions.

Apparently, last weekend, people from the port of Parana and the people who attended the bar have repeated photos and videos on the web, according to El Once.

The pictures show a young woman at the top of a bar, driven by a breastfeet, diverting her breasts and trousers to win the White Wine Prize.

In the pictures, you can view photos and record videos on several of their mobile phones, as girls show their body bowling assistant. As it has been said, there is also a video of the past weekend, and social networking trips in Paraná and its surroundings.

In fact, he has created a great number of reactions, as well as bowling. Some of them doubt the bowling alley and the attitude of the cheerleader, who encouraged him to take his shirt. Other opinions refuse to offer young women "to exchange wine".

However, it should be emphasized that people who have expressed their views on social networks are aware of the fact that they are in video and their photographs and that they are underage. Many people also say that at age 15 and according to current regulations, minors would not be allowed to enter bars and drink alcoholic beverages.

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