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Gisela Berger saw Daniel Scioli's speech and was violent: "It's not my return" – 14/01/2014

After a strong complaint he made Gisela Berger (30) Daniel Scioli (62) he presented his book The other way, conversations with Rubén Tizzano Mar del Platan And though he spoke to the press, he avoided the scandal with his ex.

On Wednesday, on Twitter, he treated the model as a liar. And a few hours later, in a conversation Good Morning America (In America, 9), argued that the former governor of Buenos Aires threatened to expel his daughter, Francesca (1), politically out.

"I have already said everything"On Sunday, he interviewed Clarin, Scioli spent the press conference in La Feliz's book. He added: "As I did the public, At least I'm more relaxed ".

With Berger, Scioli, daughter of Francesca's baptism.

With Berger, Scioli, daughter of Francesca's baptism.

-No, did not anyone call you around again? Have you tried to communicate with you?


While this newspaper was speaking to Berger, he was a politician In a different wayHe commented on a note in a note Mauro Viale: "We have talked about my visit (Mar del Plata) (through the book)".

From Cordoba, Gisela looked at the American screen and silenced the hats of her predecessors. "I saw it, yes. What do I think? He never responded to the family unless he responded to the press"he replied, optimistic about that.

Scioli and Berger completed their love at the end of 2016.

Scioli and Berger completed their love at the end of 2016.

"It's not a return to me, it's clear, I said: I came here, the threats are my limits"He added, he was very angry. He decided to resign to the versions that lasted until this weekend, not to see the daughter who does not notice her daughter: "Obviously, you see, my baby is to see dad."

In the end, Bergger said that when he was told of Justice, if he were a testimony to a case against Scioli: "But, of course, I do not hide anything, it's the sight, right?"

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