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Gisela Berger told stories about Daniel Scioli's threats and physical violence – 10/01/2019

One day, after telling the networks that were under threat, he reaffirmed his distribution Daniel Scioli (61) Gisela Berger The silence broke and it went to America.

Model picked up news for the morning Good Morning America to do it give up the suffering he suffered When he was a former governor of Buenos Aires. On Twitter he denounced Twitter on Twitter: "Daniel Scioli says: arm (to go to Europe) … people are starving … LIE! Vacations in Courchevel, France Where is money in the country?"

"I have a great time, I lost my voice for my nerves"First, Antonio Laje, the driver of the ship, said when he was greeted. And immediately he said: "Until here, I'm not interested in a person suffering from suffering."

Then, after remembering "When he was saying that he was a happy father, he told me he was aborted"He spoke again to the threats.

"I am not interested in a person suffering from suffering."

"The journey was threatened. A little bit now things are asking meI will make it a campaign. and I do not share things, and I do not force you. Then, for a moment, time began with more voltages, "he revealed.

"Actually, I'm afraid they did not tell me you were about to die When they threaten things they say 'Do not take more with the surname' Scioli '& # 39; "he explained.

Gisela Berger's tweet released a scandal.

Gisela Berger's tweet released a scandal.

He added: "Threatened me with a strong and serious threat. The threats came from someone else but it was also. I was afraid that it would not have been public. Because he has power in the world, he does not believe anything that anyone can do. "

"He is a politician and everything he needs to do all the time, but I will not be silent, because now he has nothing …" he added, referring to the presidential elections for this year.

On the other hand, he started to see things that he did not like for the moment, and he did not see it before he loved it. "They asked me not to speak. I'm sorry because I'm a baby's dad. And I love what I love, "he explained.

Scioli and Berger in October 2018 daughter daughter Francesca.

Scioli and Berger in October 2018 daughter daughter Francesca.

"When I was pregnant with her, after having had a baby, we had some moments I told him that this relationship did not work, we had to separate it. And he said "ok, extra ye & # 39;" He left my house at home. One month was not returned. And he told me, "I do not separate, baby," he recalls.

"The psychic violence with me felt terribly me."

"He told me, where are you going to go with? This is too much violence.", added. And, exactly, when asked, if Sciolo had ever been surprised, he paused for a long time.

"I can say that the psychic violence that had been with me was terribly felt. The only thing I did with my baby when I left the clinic left with me. My parents spent the night with me. The baby was born and we had to leave the clinic, "he said.

He then underwent physical violence. And there he was silent again. "There were no wrong treatments, of course, but I do not continue talking, I will say a lot. I was silent because he was silent all the time. Hit me if He had a bad treatment with me, "he said.

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