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"Gissell's body decomposition makes it harder for results" | chronicle

The prosecution investigated the disappearance C / Gissela Solís He talked about the media after studying prior autopsy studies. therefore, Ana Medina He provided some details, not only from the body's analyzes, but also from the findings of the dentist's location.

"The research takes a few days, even if Gissell's location is not based, Gissella's family will continue to deepen our skills and autopsy and, if so, we will determine Casimiro Campos He played alone or with another "He prosecuted the prosecution.

When the 47-year-old woman died, Medina explained the autopsy at the La Plata morgue, revealed itself "The body does not show signs of violence". However, due to the advanced state decomposition stage, it is difficult to find evidence of the cause of death.

"The state of decomposition of the body does not help, it took a lot of days and it was very hot, and it is a fact that complicates the result." He said, there were no signs of violence in the body, but other signs could be found. Likewise, the organs are also very difficult in the same state of decomposition, to analyze results by some chemical tests, and perhaps to achieve the result "he explained.

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