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GM is the true villain of some workers in Ohio

Ohio– After an election campaign in which he had promised an industrial revival, President Trump came to that industrial region that was once prosperous in northeastern Ohio last year and almost made a flag of accomplished mission.

The jobs are "causing everyone to return," he announced. "Do not move, do not sell your house."

That vote collided with the changing dynamics of the automotive industry on Monday, when General Motors told the workers he was stopping the precious Chevrolet factory in Lordstown.

"Some people wept," said Joyce Olesky, a 23-year-old employee. "I looked and saw people who seemed to have the flu and got white."

Many Lordstown residents recalled that Trump had promoted steel tariffs and commercial awareness as a way to create jobs. But while the critics criticized the president for not having fulfilled what he promised, several workers quickly exonerated him.

Some portrayed it as well-intentioned but simply overtaken by larger economic forces. Others suggested that whatever Trump failed, they pale compared to those of General Motors, who considered the true culprit.

"I think the price does not matter or not, G.M." It will continue to take our cars out of this country because it is cheaper to do so and send it back, "said a Trump supporter.

Beyond the approximately 1,600 jobs that are likely to be lost in the plant, there are a few dozens of suppliers that employ thousands of workers in the region, along with businesses here in the Mahoning Valley that will be affected by the loss of customers.

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