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Gonzalo "Pity" Martinez, the Argentine player of the year: the history of a football reenactment that fell in love with the fans

Gonzalo Martínez He fled, swallows the mouth of his left mouth to the finger, and after converting Quilmes into a real goal, he demands the silence of the fans of the Monumental. On February 8, 2016, and a few "story" (glorious) result in the representation of "Pity" and "Millionaire".

This footballer's gesture was before and after the relationship with Núñez public. On the other hand, he did not do anything more to deepen his critique. They murmured the murmurs and the level of football Claims for his defiant attitude.

However, something started playing in the field. The bombing stuck in a rival (the first afternoon of two rivals) won the 5-1 win "El Cervecero". The first approach to approaching "compassion" would become an image and a reference by set Marcelo Gallardo.

The River River bus was definitely a key factor in Mendoza's transformation. In the same way, in his cycle he has achieved the best version of many players, "El Muñeco" also applied knowledge to maximize hurricane capabilities. Although these skills were often challenged, the manager knew his leadership skills.

He arrived in Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez on January 2015, for $ 4.5 million in exchange for 75% of his passage. At that time, he was a "broken baby" on the riverbank Leonardo Pisculichi. Among the senior quality and main goals of the Argentine Juniors, he also emphasized the figure "Pity".

The former player of the "Globo" team won the invention of Núñez. Their actions were not convinced and his demon gambet, under the care of Toma Adolfo Ducó, often carried out acts of bad resolution: he competed with rival competitors and did not join his teammates.

It was in 2016 football remodeling process. Gallardo was the craftsman of this new player, "El Pity" became. The coach did not reiterate his confidence, but rather he demanded the team. "The DT helped me a lot, it's not easy to go to the ban, I'd have to see it at a moment," said one player in the final interview.

With work and tennis, Martínez was challenged by changing coach's support and paying. He was a bigger footballer. He raised his head and joined his friends. The oppressed did not touch the wicked touch, contributed to the collective. In addition, he developed a tactical and positional discipline, and the overall performance of the group became an essential part of the mind. Thereafter, he received a conditional recognition of fans.

A separate chapter on this love story was with "Milionaires" Boca Against. In the "Pity" cruise they found a classic opponent an incentive to express his leadership and strength. The real bombing of the championship in the local championship, the Mendoza Supercup penalty, the other volleyball, first and foremost, the unbeatable goal of the Super Bowl and Santiago Bernabéu. All these conquests were triumphs and, moreover, the player was able to create a poem song. that's it "It's hard" The club player (first?) cycle is also a resonant hit when it is closed.

Technical quality, Boca's goals and key instances and titles obtained (eight in four years) They put "Pena" in Olinpoan, with a large number of "10" rivers. Certainly, as the most successful cycle of the history of the club, Mendoza has the responsibility to bring it to history and a great shirt. Not being born in the organization may also be a condition. However, From there he went to the smallest and received the recognition (and idolatrous) of the local riverside.

His performance did not inadvertently notice the coach of the Argentine team (then provisional) Lionel ScaloniHe cited at the beginning of the Russian World Cycle of 2018 and was the team's handle. The injury prevented the river player from allowing him to continue with a white and white shirt but the future credit was faced with the 2016 Copa América Brasileira. Lionel Messi with possible collaborationIf Rosario decides to return to the national cast.

"It's a player who plays in a big league"Gallardo asked Martínez when he asked for them Atlanta United By US MLS. The 25-year-old "Pity" chose this destination as the strongest bid came from the club, though She does not lose hope for a higher level of football. "Every player wants to go to Europe, but I know they will send me tomorrow and they will pay them because they pay more because they trust my conditions," he said.

So it was noteworthy that he was a midfielder of the English newspaper "The Guardian" in 2018 among the 100 best footballers of the year (94 years old). He was the only local soccer representative, who won the merit of entering the list. He also admitted The best American player Traditional prize in Uruguay's "El País" newspaper.

This overriding story can not be over A penalty against Ain This prevented the River from winning the game and entering the World Cup against Real Madrid. Two Japanese counterattacks against Kashima Antlers in Japan, especially in the second half, made it much more convenient for the closure at the third pity "Pity" cycle. The monumental celebration took place between the players and fans of the dessert to win the Boca Bronze Cup.

"I will miss you". Martinez was four words that he repeated until the last four minutes. He told them in Madrid, the United Arab Emirates and Núñez. He told teammates and fans. He always tears them in his eyes.

Boca's goal The recreation of Monumental lawns is the last function of "Pity", with a red band on the chest. The riders of the river do not expect a greeting, but then you will see it, and in some years he recovers the storms "Senseless …".

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