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Good news, even worst – 12/01/2019

For several reasons, the week was the best news Approval of two biotechnological events in the People's Republic of China. First of all, after 18 months after the first round, it means protecting the greatest technological leap in global agriculture over the last thirty years, after the seeds have exploded transgenic.

Secondly, the clear-driven product, once again,soybean, XXI. The most dynamic dynamics of agricultural products of the twentieth century. It should be remembered that China is one of the largest buyers in the world with importing demand It will cost 100 million tonnes annually for $ 40 million.

One year ago the main event was Enlist, a company created after the merger of Dow and Dupont, by Corteva. The event is decisive: after treating and treating herbicide glyphosate for three decades, the worrying development of tolerant herbs has been verified. This problem became the biggest threat to crops. All technology providers, along with experts in the public and private sectors, tighten their brains and invest large amounts of money back to make it.

In this way, Enlist's scams led to a fundamental contribution. Goliphosate once successfully converts tolerance with two other molecules: glufosinate ammonium, and 2.4 koline. They have two glyph modes of two different ways, so they are the essential tools of the saga Recycle herbicides, the main recommendation of herbal experts.

The Corteva event was released in the United States, but under a traceability system, and one of the major agribusiness companies (ADM). "Looping closed" is a closed circuit that allows the use of new technologies without mixing it with the usual new soy. This was awaited for the approval of China, so after the official announcement was formalized, the reduction will disappear.

Corollary margin: if you doubt, Distinguishing qualities and differentiating between different materials. It is an important issue in the future, since businesses will increasingly be separated. Digital technology, which is being marketed, will reduce transaction costs in large commodities, but will also bring more specific businesses.

There is another serious problem surrounding China's acceptance in different countries. Priority advantage is essential for those who have access. The bad news is that it will not happen in Argentina. Many believe that Bayer was absorbed by Monsanto's disappearance when the intellectual property battle was over. Lord, you are misunderstood: developers of transgenic events and other biotechnology tools They will not make their products available until the law of the beneficiary is punished.

As a result, technical "ups and downs" emerged until last week. Imagine this and others in the United States, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, and without market problems, and Argentina does not have access. They will be the worst news.

Three years have passed by the government that recognizes the value of the economic economy for the whole economy. Everything starts with seeds. But the seed continues without law. Even worse, the law of the jungle is reigning.

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