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Good news: YPF reduces its fuel prices :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

The oil company will cut prices by 3.2% in different regions of the country. The second rearrangement is continuous.

Good news from Monday to Monday: YPF reduces the price of its fuels. The oil company will cut prices by 3.2% in different regions of the country. The second rearrangement is continuous.

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YPF will reduce its prices in its regional regions by 3.2% in the different regions of the country, which is due to the second change in the subsequent reduction, in order to have the prices of the Navarrese in Argentina. and the cheapest oil in the region.

This measure, which controls more than 55% of the market in the afternoon, warns of the stability of the exchange rate stability registered in the last weeks.

As reported by the company, Monday, the new Buenos Aires benchmark prices will be exempt from Super Gas from $ 37.21 to $ 36.99 (-0.6%) and Premium or Infinia from $ 43.45 to $ 42.89 -1.2%).

In the case of diesel products, there will be a downward variation in suppliers, with Diesel 500, $ 34.84 and $ 34.59 (0.7%) and Premium or Infinia Diesel from $ 40.86 to € 40.49 (-0.9% ).

YPF said that the prices of all fuels will be down by -3.2% in the different regions of the country, while the average drop in products across the country will be -1.2%.

Brent-type oil price (Argentine market benchmark) on Friday closed US $ 57.34 for the crude oil cupola, which is 33% less than three months earlier, when it reached the US on October 4, $ 86.44 per kilo, the maximum value for 49 months more

In dollars, the US dollar closed on Friday in the local market, selling $ 38.40 per unit, $ 37.61, on the first day of December, which is the date of the last move. according to suppliers' prices by majority shareholders of the state.

Thus, tomorrow will be the second to be December 3, as the oil company dies after the price of Naphtha is up to 1.5%, according to the sector, other oil companies – especially the Shell and Axion brands of Raiz – operate within the next few hours.

The new price movements were decided at a pump because of the continuation of the variables affecting the final gasoline and diesel fuel, such as national fuel prices, biofuel price and exchange rate

YPF also explained that the bottom adds direct taxes and adjustments to biofuels prices.

The latest increase in taxes on carbon dioxide (IDC) and liquid carbon (ICL) was 14.1%, according to the provisions of the National Government, through the Secretariat of Energy.

On the other hand, in the last two months, the price of biofuels has been adjusted, which has led to an increase of 4.3% in fuel prices.

With this decline in YPF and the benchmark prices of specialized retailer, Argentine fuels are the cheapest in the region.

In the Navarrese case, the dollar in the country will cost 1.04 dollars per liter, and Peru will be $ 1.08 per year; Brazil, US $ 1.12; Chile US $ 1.26; and in Uruguay, 1.70 dollars.

In the case of Diesel, the price in dollars in Argentina will be 0.94 euros per liter; Brazil, US $ 0.89; Chile US $ 0.95; Peruvian 1.01 US $ and Uruguayan US $ 1.25 as per

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