Friday , January 22 2021

Google has patented a more secure Apple ID ID variant

Google Face patent ID

On Wednesday, the company announced the new patent registered by Google Apple has a technology similar to its identification, at your next terminals.

By patent A lighting projector based on models based on matrices, Google would work on infrared lights capable of detecting objects, basically based on iPhon's facial knowledge technology, Huawei in Mate 20 Pro and Xiaomi's various terminals. Linear Pixel Still missing.

However, the documents reviewed by Patently Apple suggest that Google suggests an innovation that detects its identity. Find the light detectors in relation to other objects to locate objects. For example, it would be able to read the hand of the user, on the other side of a body that penetrates the light, to detect gestures and to execute their functions.

Apart from the mobility utility, Google could benefit this system in many applications Detect location of an object in the environment. These applications would allow the location of an unmanned aircraft, for example.

Google's Face ID is a safer version

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This information from Reuters reported in March that Android phones should wait for Android 2019 to double the function of the 3D sensors, behind Apple's face id safety, according to three major pieces. At that time, there was some delay The surface of the surface surface emits laser or VCSEL supply shortage it is necessary to carry it out. However, Google has decided to go to work.

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