Thursday , June 8 2023

Google has requested to patent virtual reality shoes


Google's technology company has patented a petition for "motorized shoes" to make a feeling of movement in the virtual environment.

When using a RV helmet, people are always afraid. When they see around them, they do not know how to walk or sleep in one place. google He has found a solution to this problem. The company presented a patent application for the development of a "motorized footwear" for "big or virtual reality".

Patent Application google Described how to work. "This makes it possible for a user to walk endlessly in an virtual environment, while remaining in a physical space defined in the physical environment," he explains. The idea offers an "infinite movement".

The documents presented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office present different footwear designs. It is possible to move a skateboard. Another is that it collects a "type of caterpillar" system. In this way, people can move in the same place and, at the same time, feel the feeling they embrace in virtual reality.

It also does not mean that it becomes a commercial product. The main idea of ​​the patent is to create prototypes. google He wants to improve the experience of using virtual helmets, without stopping them on the walls of the room.

There are several types of solutions to this problem. For example, the company created a virtual treadmill for virtual reality. This extends the hand to the user. However, most of these proposals are very expensive.

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