Quick match One year ago it was announced and it is a series of specifications that make it easier for Google manufacturers to make headphones and headphones easier to connect to users.

Today, Google has updated Fast Pair, sharing Android smartphones and tablets associated with this account. Bluetooth.


This means that you connect the headphones to your phone, which automatically connects to any other phone or tablet that is already using the same Google account. It's very easy

Quick Matching will be compatible with Android 6.0 and in 2019 on Chromebook

Parse speed will work with all your devices Android 6.0 and higher, and is committed to providing assistance in 2019 Chromebook In addition, Google has worked with manufacturers Jaybird, Bose and Anker SoundCoreIn regards to your future products, these new specifications are compatible with the couple.

In other words, wait in the short term to make good headphones and speakers good for easy connection between Android phones. Of course, this technology is better, or at least, identical, Apple includes its AirPod W1 chip.

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