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Government before the crisis: V Plan trap and new political demand

During the time of the new and horrific escalation of the dollar, the Government repeats three things: Mauricio Macri is the candidate for the president, there is no V Plan and they are not thinking of the changes of the ministries. This is the closing statement. According to the Jury sources, this is precisely the current scheme, but some reserves accept that the economy conditional on the concept in the short term, almost every day. "Responses must be political," says officials and allies. The problem is that the three basic answers that are repeated make a defense and sound The trap, for Vidal alternate, is also a crisis.

The problem of the principles is not publicly considered by María Eugenia Vidal's nomination, denied personally by the public, and has also been denied before the first online business representatives who are constantly working. We are growing – the idea of ​​leaping the governor's leap nation. The objective would be the level of gravity that would be the movement and the influence of the government itself.

The words of a leader in Cambiemes did not pre-empt this alternative, this would not be the best time, and at least the best way to be an isolated decision. In his view, play this card only, without taking other political measures – a strategy, in most cases – Now a powerful capital city was raffled. It would be better for the "steady scenario" to shake the political table, even though governments might break the steps that could have a greater economy, and the liquidation risk of a political credit that they wanted to keep.

There are sharp changes in the cabinet and possible reflections. They exclude government exit from the Government, starting with the head of the Treasury, and suggests that climate similar to the previous year does not include climate, as it would appear to be a profound change in the civil servants, and that there was only a pruning of the ministry.

"If you are going to change the Ministry of Economy and others to calm the environment, to offer society more, over twenty-four hours. It does not help, and it does things worse, "says a prominent radical mention, and the UCR denies rumors about claims to change the group of ministries, and the measures announced a few days ago were expected to be constantly and steadily priced, prices, SMEs and some As regards Anses's loan measures, it's not so small or isolated.

References to officialism are striking in the need to respond to the summits of the dollar and the enormous signals of markets in the broadest sense of the electoral uncertainty. It turns at least It is naive to say that this is a survey, two or three, or that the bonds have gone through dollars. It is more complex and more serious.

It's clear that it's not The combination of local economy factors: inflation, avant-garde, foreign markets and the political scene of the home. The second, that is, was summed up in a nasty circle that would result in doubts from Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, but the election prospects would be Macri and the jury as a whole, due to the uncertainty of the economy.

They reinforce this reading in the government They have been the economic signals that have not been affected as expected In markets: for example, a reduction in the deficit and the surplus of the commercial balance.

However, it was concluded that the way to overcome the dollar limit was playing with the IMF with the maximum margins of the agreement. It would not be the first step of this path.

With all this, It seems to the government that the main reaction seems to be political. It does not seem reasonable to eliminate the situation with the definition of all the forces – because the formal deadlines lasted for two months – with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Likewise, the "Peronist" is not a commitment to vote again with Kirchner and his allies.

Time is accelerating. They will accept the political decisions, including the economic nature, which require ten times more heterodox and more political measures. That is, what is turning and it does not stop. There would be a weekend off to the government.

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