Tuesday , January 18 2022

Grafitero introduces "a yellow vest" in the new Delacroix work


A street artist made a graffiti in Paris, and presents an updated version of the famous painting Eugène Delacroix Freedom to drive people among others "yellow vest".

Fresco appeared in a popular Paris neighborhood and signed it pboy (Pascal Boyart), an artist who defines himself as "self-taught and independent".

As in the works of Delacroix, the mural shows Marianne – the symbol of the French Republic – highlights a group of Protestant and Tricolor banner.

But in this case, in July 1830, the rebels who participated in the revolution were not talking about rebels, But the protector was wearing yellow jackets, Referring to the protest movement around the French movement.

"I wanted to take over the fabric theme, one of the most popular and updated in the world," explains the graffiti artists AFP.

This artist from Paris often shows works that denounce the financial system. At Bitcoin QR code located at the bottom of the graphite you will receive donations.

Perhaps the financial "due to the causes of these events"he complained.

Movement "yellow vest"Emmanuel Macron, President of the Government, has put pressure on it, it was initially created It protests against the rise of the price of regimes, to defend later broader claims, especially in relation to social inequality.

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