Friday , July 1 2022

Greenhouse gas windows are closed


Long-term climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification and extreme weather is a meteorological body found in the greenhouse gas news bulletin.

The report also stated that the recovery of "greenhouse gas and ozone depleting substances", known as Trichlorofluoromethane or CFC-11, "has increased emissions associated with the production of East Asia CFC-11".

According to the Annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, carbon dioxide emissions are expected to stop: scientists say the main cause of greenhouse effect in global warming.

"The action window has almost closed the window," he warned, until reaching concentrations of carbon dioxide that have not been seen in more than three million years.

Since 1990, greenhouse gases have been a 41 percent increase in the climate called "forced radioactivity". The WMO said a higher carbon dioxide concentration melted ice caps, and the Bank of England said on Wednesday it had more violent events, registering $ 140 million in insurance losses in 2017.

Former WMO scientist Pavel Kabat was unfreezing by climate change.

According to the report, temperatures below 2 ° C increase to reduce the risks of the planet and the welfare of its people. "Each part of each level of global warming is capable of making each part of each million gases of greenhouse gases."

The discovery is affecting the pressure of two-month-old Polish polite drivers to discuss climate change modes. The main objective of this meeting is to approve the 2015 Paris Agreement implementation plan.

The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet has sent a letter to all states to confirm that they are legally binding on all human rights law around the globe, to mitigate climate change and alleviate its effects. "Climate change is scientifically proven."

This figure has been the average annual growth of greenhouse gases over the last ten years and has risen by almost 46% from pre-industrial levels.

The levels of these levels of methane today are more than 250 percent above the pre-industrial level. Greenhouse gas is a major secondary importance, that is, 60% of human resources, such as livestock, fossil fuels, dumps and biomass. smoking

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