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Griselda Siciliani explained his problem by Juan Darthés "Ugly Duckling"


Visit Griselda Siciliani strangers and he remembered his passion Ugly duckList of children made with Laura Esquivel's 2007 rumor. He said he did not have a good experience with Juan Darthés, and he acted side by side with him and why he never spoke again.

"I felt something strange with him and I decided to protect myself. I did not like the situation. I stopped talking. We had professional differences, I had the theater and TV. He did not like to look at the scenes, and he did not like something, the deal was not good"He said.

The president Adrián Suar warned that "there was no harassment". Jorge Rial asked him then Calo RiveroHe denounced publicly denounced: "I went to his bureau, I saw them unprotected and they did not take them seriously. But it was not only Calu, many girls talked. "

Juan and Griselda, one of the couple's stars
Juan and Griselda, one of the stars of the "Ugly Duck".

In December of 2017, Griselda wrote in his social networks "although it is not proof, persecution is violence and that is why those who have suffered have the right to say". His message began with the producer Rodolfo Stoessel Ugly duck.

"You can not say about John what you said, you are a hate, an hypocrite, and a lie. We work together Ugly duck and I know very well … or did you forget your lie to work your little nose in the middle? You are a pity! "He said, his former partner did not share his position.

The anger of the producer Tudela in the eruption
The tattoo of the "ugly duck" wounded the producer's anger.
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