Wednesday , September 28 2022

Guaranteed guarantees rose above inflation to $ 18 billion


The economic weakness was the real growth of guarantee. Most guarantees in the first quarter are aimed at production credits, but they are already recessioning in the third and last quarter, The main guarantees were used to finance capital capital loans.

"This year's growth is clearly inflation, looking nominal, especially since the Guarantee must be given to SMEs, because it is difficult because it is more difficult to go to a single bank", analyze Carlos PirovanoGuaranteed Director.

"Today, more than ever, Guarantee is meeting its strategic mission, which is to be a financing tool for SMEs to help companies most need it. Our trading platform, taking advantage of the best rates offered today, the financial needs of SMEs offers solutions "He explained Darío WassermanThe President of Guaranteed, Carlos Pirovan attended the tribute of the press, Sabina Ozomek, CEO, Simon Carman, commercial manager, and Diego Rajtman, marketing manager.

Until March, 2019, until the delay is projected, Garantiz nominates a 33% increase, totaling $ 24 million in guaranteed loans.

This year, in the midst of the economy brake, one of the data to be controlled is the Default accessibility guaranteed by the Guaranteed Loan. In this regard, OGM explained the Director General of SGR "Before the crisis, 2.5% of secured guaranteed SMEs now account for 2.9%."

In this sense, Pirovano emphasized "Thanks to the proximity of SMEs, low crime is due to the difficulties that it always faces, giving us an early warning to re-finance and support business cycles. We understand that it may have difficulties and whenever there is a willingness to pay, there is always a financing option."

Today, more than ever, Guarantee is meeting its strategic mission, that is, SME's financing instrument, when companies need help "(Darío Wasserman)

Within the personalized attention and proximity strategy, the Garantizos has opened 6 new offices this year and are located in 14 provinces of 31 countries. In addition, the sales director managed to reach 120th. As part of commercial policy, this year SGR was launched Secure digital certificate, the first 100% digital channel, to help entrepreneurs with a loan of 100,000 euros, to earn money from Wilobank.

Traditionally, it is a guarantee of the services of all economic, productive and service sectors. Specialty is 70% of the guaranteed SMEs as part of the small universe of small businesses, where SGR focuses its work.

Leading in ON SMEs

Within the milestones reached this year, Guarantee was also the protagonist in the guarantees provided for the Trading Obligations SMEs. In August 2017, with respect to the 63 NON from the start of the product, Garantizar participated in 30 (48%).

In the sixth six months, the Guarantee achieved 56% of the ON's guarantee market, as well as the number of issues. In September and October it covered 100% of the market, and it clearly demonstrates the participation of Guantánamo amongst these tools.

The highest amount raised was NO $ 35 million (was made in February 2018) and Corrientes (Puerto Las Palmas SA) was a provincial industry. Subsequently, Tresral Agropecaria S.A., in the province of Buenos Aires ($ 25 million) and Cilbraker SRL, from CABA,

($ 20 million). The average emission of weights was between BADLAR + 5 and BADLAR + 10.

In any case, in the case of US dollars, the largest location was $ 1,000,000 for a Salta agricultural company (processed in March 2018), and another for a $ 800,000 farm for another Rosario farm and livestock company. The average rates were between 7 and 9 years old.

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