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Gutiérre's vast margin without internal surprise


Nowadays, a new stage of the provincial government begins, assumed by the governor Omar Gutiérrez. "It will be a great challenge to win in 2019," the governor asked last night to win the victory in the MPN internal elections after the victory.

"A political project will unite to unite, the colors will end at the MPN", he replied in the triumphant euphoria, "Río Negro" asked Rolando Figueroa's current governor to tell him what happened. yesterday inside.

The figures published by MPN were voted by 120,000 people at the end of this edition, of which 62% belonged to Azul de Gutiérreos and 38% to Violeta de Figueroa, 74,400 and 45,600. "It is 30% of the province census and it is the same percentage as that established in 2014," said Gutierrez. According to official data, 60% of the tables were imposed by 60% on Blue.

Figueroa preferred silence. His spokesman was cheating. Gutiérrez reminded that the 23 votes of the Judiciary controlled the elections and respected the election act.

He has twice emphasized that "there are no winners or winners in MPN".

The Parade of Gutiérrez was celebrated before the headquarters of the Government Council of the Government of Olascoaga in 1,002. Shortly afterwards, on the 22nd he arrived the governor Jorge Sapag and he was exultant with the candidate.

When Gutiérrez was invited to take a microphone, he began to wink the song that the militants did not accept. "Where are we from, where are we going?", They said. The governor said they did not follow and became neutral. Guillermo Pereyra also joined the message, saying the newspaper, Figueroa, to face the challenge of joining the 2019 province.

Gutiérrez was unable to attend his cell phone at the age of 20, because he was called by Figueroa, could not participate. Senator Pereyra's greetings.

Figueroa wants to encourage outside MPN? Perey responded that he did not believe that he had to bet on the unit. Gutierrez preferred to call the union gestures.

From now on, it is necessary to solve the provincial election day, the governors made a specific answer: "Step by step, we had to win the practice, and then we will fix the date".

For starters, the meeting and agreement website will begin, as it will be shared between the board of directors, Jorge Sapag and Pereyra. This will be done with places that wait for the provincial deputies, that is, they will reach a bank in Parliament. The loser may have deputies, but the leadership of the party says where it is. Everyone after 12 years, it is difficult to sit with comfortable leather embroidered Leloir 810.



The difference between the blue and white voter's buttons is above Violeta, according to the official information provided by the MPN president.


The vote got the Blue list. In 2014 Gutiérrez Figueroa formulated the formula 69,631.


They voted for internal and open MPN polls, consisting of 420,735 members and independent.

El Chañar, El Cholar, Caviahue and Chos Malal lost their heads

More than 60% of the polls surveyed throughout the province, announced yesterday a blue list. Their representatives obtained 50 out of 54 locations.

In the north of Neuquén, in the region with a clear influence on the Violeta list, the governor of Omar Gutiérrez led the unexpected triumphs. In Huingancon, they realized 100% of the tables, they won the narrow Blue difference. He won 49.39% of the votes in the governor category, with 46.76% of his competitors. He also stayed in Las Ovejas, 54.32% of the votes he obtained.

It won a comfortable victory in oil regions, such as Añelo and Rincón de los Sauces. He won 60% of the votes.

It also had a good performance in southern La Azul province. In San Martín de los Andes, 85.19%, the list of Gutiérrez, was 61.26% of the votes. Villa La Angostura, charged with 91.66% of data, today's president won 53.77% of the vote. Villa Traful's victory was 55.67%.

The current governor of Caviahue-Copahue lost his reference to "Chani", the deputy of Alma, Sapag. In total, according to counted tables, Violeta won the 54.15% of the votes in the governor category. Rolando Figueroa, the current governor, won San Patricio del Chañar, Chos Malal and El Cholar.

Añelo and Rincón de los Sauces in the oil villages, Vaca Muerta's keys, kept the blue list candidates.

A classic: taxis and hired vehicles

On Saturday, most of the service stations diverted vehicles that were waiting for trucks to be loaded. Yesterday, the central bank of the Neuquén capital was the basis for the operation of taxis.

According to Peonen's information, 280 units went to the internal elections, but they did not list.

Figueroa did not speak but left suspicions about the elections

The opponent of the moment last night attended the highest absentee when they recognized the provisional interim results of the Neuquino Popular Movement (MPN). Rolando Figueroa, deputy governor, said that Galerio's photo prevented the election committee when Omar Gutiérrez had a 57% advantage over 57% and violations of the accusation that he was denouncing 21 days before the Violeta list attorney was sent to the press conference. "This has become a catalog of maneuvering, fraudulent and non-transparent," said José Russo, representative of Federico Brollo and Rodolfo Chaneton Independencia Street.

The loudspeaker lists "squeezes", "trout entries", and at some tables "very different, almost magic" are shown. However, they will now be investigating whether they formalize a complaint in court or not. They could not go through the elections, justifying the election of justice "closed" and no one had received any proposals. "The Minister of the Judiciary did not see anything and we do not know where they are", a 23-year-old questionnaires were sent to the 23 city polls.

Violeta had an advanced voice, whose members first Blue Competitions prepared a "fraud" because they voted for the elections and voted for them.

"Our colleagues feel disappointed. It is always possible to soften the rough edges, but in this context it is very difficult. Here is the betrayal," Russo said.

The governor will talk tonight about what happened, the data analysis "demands a more statistician perspective, less hot", said the prosecutor.

Figueroa yesterday chose to wait for the results of her house with her daughters and did not answer questions for the 18th press conference. The main candidates were silent.

Provisional Proof results The Bulls won Violeta, Chos Malal, El Cholar and El Chañar.

study: Gutiérrez with his stamp with Blue list

Governor Omar Gutiérrez yesterday won more than one election victory. He earned his personal stamp by forming former Governor Jorge Sapag: Blue list. Both and vice versa and vice versa, Rolando Figueroa, was the leader of the government and part of the reform within the MPN.

The presence of Sapagen, due to the shadows, was constantly suspected internally and externally. Figueroa offered many critics for himself.

"That's all," said Gutiérrez, a collaborator. The governor chose the tool and equipment: youth profile and show management. With that and without it, Figueroa's suspicion unites reality, can win. But he still sees MPN pick up and keep up the government from 2019 onwards.

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