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Hantavirus: Chubut reduces reductions and leaves patients with isolation

Country authorities Epuyén, in the province of ChubutOn Friday, part of the restriction measures imposed by the population of 4,000 inhabitants will be lifted, which was reported at the beginning of December 2011, which caused 11 dead deaths. Mayor Antonio Reato stated that "the mood of the population is better."

The head of the toilet has clarified that "we will keep the minimum attention in closed places for 10 days, until February, until we have offered a little more". prohibition of meetings, limitations of timetables and suspension of the mandatory use of public spaces in public places.

Hantavirus: The government talks about "control" but cases are spread

31 people were killed in the Patagonian provinces with hantavirus infections. From the beginning, all group activities have been interrupted for forty days and have been declared "health alert".

Agency contributed by ABN Bariloche, Reato has said that "this song is improving And there is a promising situation in the street, in stores, because you will notice the supermarket. Especially since week-long weekend care of non-intensive care, many become selective isolation and there will be few remaining next week. "

Hantavirus: A long mouse mouse transmitting different voltages

In the case of Esquel, when the most criminal cases of events came to light, this Sunday, the provincial health ministry announced that "a patient with hantavirus, who was discharged into the Intensive Unit Unit with a common room" There is no patient in Esquel's hospital care service"Patient" is a convalescent in the room. "

"Out of the five patients who are absent from Esquel's isolated hospital, 3 out of the Intensive Care Units are left out and they continue to be convalescing, and in the last cases confirmed by 2 hantavirus, it remains clinically stable," the health supplement for the report.

Hantavirus: how to avoid it and make it possible with a possible transmission

This weekend, in 32 days, two young children and their partner, Mailén Valle (25), their father, Aldo, and two of their sister, Loreley and Jéssica, were killed. The Hantavirus began on the 15th anniversary of Epaín. Chubut isolated isolates from 89 people from different locations in the Chubut mountain range That is to say, because of the "epidemiological link", because family or family members of those infected by the virus, many of them have already been released.


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