Wednesday , October 27 2021

Hantavirus Health Awareness Statement is available only in the Esquel programming area


The Ministry of Health of Chubut informs the 366/2018 Resolution, on Monday, the holder of the health portfolio, Adrián Pizzie, who is responsible for the Provincial Council on a state-wide alert basis throughout the country. Programming Esquel, within 90 days, due to the appearance of Hantavirus in the town of Epaín, and measures must be taken and strengthened to prevent and respond to treatment. Pathology in the aforementioned area.

At the same time, this resolution establishes that the Ministry of Health may take technical, accounting and administrative measures within the scope of the area of ​​jurisdiction and budget to guarantee the effectiveness of health services in the Esquel program, while at the same time assigning temporary functions to the Cordillera functions in other provinces. headquartered in accordance with its statute.

The Scheme Programming Room is one of four health jurisdictions according to the Provincial Council of Health, divided in the Chubut area, the Trelew Program area, the Northern Program area and the Southern Program Area.


Among the recommendations that support the resolution, the Epidemiology Services and Esquel Programming Reports include the emergence of Hantavirus produced in the town of Epuyén, of which there is no antecedent since 1996 in the Patagonia region; In this sense, it is necessary to take measures necessary to control the necessary criteria, monitoring measures and maximum preventive measures in the Chubut province, and especially in the northwest, as well as other procedures in the technical aspects. Support to the administration.

Other important reasons are also mentioned: States must ensure that provision of health services without delay is warranted, in order to take all necessary measures; What is the reason to recommend the opportunity, merit and comfort in the Esquel Program area to indicate a health alert situation; and this health warning means developing healthcare actions that are more urgent and effective for the information of the population involved in the risk of population health and / or social transgression.

This measure means that the provision of services can be used to ensure mechanisms to ensure the normal operation of the health service, including transfers and transitionality of the Provincial Directorate of Esquel programming of specialty professionals. The general headquarters of other services functions, according to the working regime, adds the rules.

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