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Hantavirus: health warning declared after three deaths and several cases: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


Chubut Hantavirus: three health deaths and a health alert declared after a number of cases

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The Chubut province confirmed that eight healthy cases in the morning's program of milk (APE) confirmed that eight cases of death in the Epuyén mountain range have been killed by three dead dead after the death of another woman in the morning. "Sosak" was confirmed but later confirmed by the Ministry of Health today.

"The woman came to Esquel hospital 72 hours ago, she was classified as a suspect, and in the last 24 hours she had a rapid deterioration, so research is underway," said Télam. Trevelin, Epuyén, Lago Puelo, El Maitén, José de San Martín, Gualjanua, Tecka, Paso de Indio, Corcovado, Cholila, Gobernadorea Costa, Río Pico and Esquel.

Jorge Elías, associate director of the APE, said "with the regional hospitals a contingency operation was opened, including the submarine hospital El Maitén, in order to observe the four patients in the moment."

The director of the Hospital de Esquel's Hospital, Antonio Mugno, has "not yet confirmed". "It's Sosak, and that's why Malbrán is investigating this genome, the virus, but it has not yet been confirmed that the virus extends from one human to another," he says.

For his part, Elías reminded that "Hantavirus is endemic in Cordiller, so we must take into account the protection measures when performing a wild activity, we know that the mouse carries the collapse of the virus."

With regard to preventative measures, the specialist said that if you decide to camp, you should choose a place for grass and "not in contact with herbs." Likewise, "expressions of the park guard and guard, signage and health personnel must be respected, authorized paths, appropriate clothing and footwear."

Households and sheds should be well-ventilated, tidy and clean, before disinfecting and ventilating with chlorine, and for an hour before the areas where there is a long period of time closed. "Work in the field with clothing, appropriate shoes and respiratory protection, with a tap or a cloth, and if you have any doubts, go to the nearest health centers," they warned.

The initial symptoms of the Hantavirus Path Syndrome are fever, muscle pain and fatigue; Symptoms, however, make it harder for coughs and breathing.

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