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Hantavirus looks like they look

29 | 01 | 19 08: 49 hs.

Coronel Dorrego, Director of Health and the Environment of the City Hall, in the case of Hantavirus in the province of Buenos Aires before the onset, stated that although it is not a large apple in our region, it is said that acute acute is a viral illness, caused by Hantavirus.

Wild beers (especially long hair) convey the people by eliminating saliva, feta and urinary virus.
It breathes the transmission and occurs when it is breathed in open or closed places (sheds, orchards, meadows), contaminated runners feces or urinarys, the virus infects the environment.

Also, with direct contact, affected by infected or dead rodents, these rodents feces or urine, as well as the bite of infected rodents.
Symptoms are similar to flu, fever, muscles, coldness, headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea. After a few days, the production of what is called "hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome" can be revealed.

The rodents should be avoided and should be avoided in contact with fires, the rodents should be placed in the homes or covered with nests, doors, walls and pipes, cleaning (floors, walls, doors, tables, drawers and cabinets), with a bleach of nine nuances leave for 30 minutes and wash).

You also need to ground the ground to prevent dust, before weighing herbs and herbs, tighten the spots (houses, sheds) before closing the air for at least 30 minutes, tighten the mouth and nose before entering the chinstrap.

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