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Hantavirus: The neighbors will isolate them in Epuyen



It matches the 13 confirmed cases with the closest contact. The idea is to prevent infection from one person to another. The healthcare team will remain in the premises until the end of the show. The craft festival was delayed and guaranteed to be supplies.

Health work continues in Epuyen before the appearance of the hantavirus. Adrián Pizzi, Minister of Health, together with Matías Cutro's cultural secretaries, conducted several activities; Mayor of Antonio Reato; Esqueleko Programazioa arduraduna; From the National Health Secretary and from the Environmental Biology Unit of the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires, Alexis Edelstein.

A press conference was held prior to the talk of the neighbors. The minister described the occurrence of the hantavirus as "the atypical behavior of this illness and a strange event, because it is an endemic province and used more than 20 years ago, but it has taken on particular characteristics, which implies a momentum for analyzing what is happening and taking definitions."

"We have a comprehensive healthcare system in our country, and we are analyzing this situation in many people, in Buenos Aires, there are prestigious scientific societies and institutions with meetings, such as Muñiz Hospital, El Cruce Hospital, and Subcommittee of National Epidemiology, which helps us contribute to unprecedented situations. we receive them ".

Between Epuyén, the constant presence of the table against the institutional events will continue until the end of the appearance. The biologist Malbrán participates; Director of the Department of Pathology and Epidemiology of the province of Teresa Strella and Zoonosis de Nación. On Thursday, 12 hours worked and six meetings took place to discuss strategies and transmission channels, such as selective isolation of people with positive cases.

The Minister has announced that the Mental Health Group will focus on the most affected organizations and families. "It is an issue that should be condemned as a health system and we must have a health structure in a state of contingency." Zonal Esquel Hospital and associate director infections held meetings to ensure the care of people and health personnel. Nation evaluates the technologies that will eventually be used. Pizzi contacted the Health Ministry of Rio Negro, if the province offered Pediatric Intensive Therapy, if necessary, and it will be already available at the Bariloche hospital.

Pizzik has said that the Andean region's hospitals have a wealth of resources to obtain supplies that they need, and because of the erosion caused by this situation, in order to allow for the replacement of human resources and health services in some sectors.

The delay in the Craft Festival organized in the country has been confirmed for psychosocial reasons. "Mental Health worries and kills the community due to its losses, and has stopped in the municipality, we accept the mayor's decision, if these conditions are met, it will be held."

On the other hand, Strella indicated the necessary moderate measures to prevent the consciousness of the person, minimizing close coexistence relationships. "Social isolation" will be established with the persistence of contact with people in the homes. Gel ventilation, often wipe by hand, use bleach cleaning at home and reduce home runs, as well as other recommendations, such as using Chinstrap at home.

"It is necessary to contact patients with a positive Hantavirus and to be more demanding with patients under observation," he said.

Daily parts have seen 2 cases in the Esquel area hospital; 13 cases affirmed and 7 excluded. There is a person in Hospital Rural de Epuyen. There are 3 patients in the HSE Intensive Unit Unit and 3 in isolation.

Alkate Reato praised "great support for everyone" for Epuyen and stressed that "they are doing everything they do and doing what they do."

"We need media (communication) to help get in the community, so we know everything is being done. There's nothing to hide," he said.

In Malbrán, Edelstein said "this is a sensible event" in Epuyen, "since hantavirus is not usually a mechanism of transmission that is not known". In the case of changing this way of looking for this study we must carry out an epidemiological study ".

"Healthcare systems have been in a state of emergency and must work," he said. "Selective isolation prevents potential risk because transmissivity is low and the community generally has not suffered."

The Commission presented its presentation with an open dialogue with the community, at the local Gymnasium, in the parking lot, to provide information and answers about environmental issues. (Source:

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