Tuesday , May 18 2021

Hantavirus: The variant of the virus in the Patagonian circulation is transmitted from one person to another

In the case of Hantavirus in Epaïnes Chubut, 26 cases were confirmed and nine neighbors were killed, three people hired by the city of San Martin de los Andes have recently admitted hospitalization.

The Hantavirus virus is an acute illness caused by a virus hantavirus. Wild animals (especially in long hairs) are transmitted to people by eliminating the saliva, feta and urine virus.

The most common cause of infection is the release of dust that leaves dry urine in closed places.

Sun rays and disinfectants kill the virus, so it is not commonly infected.

but Hanta is also transmitted in humans in the first days of infection. This is unusual, but health authorities believe that this has happened in Epuyen.

"Yesterday We have conducted Chubut's disease behavior assessment. Organisms, societies of countries linked to this type of disease, participate in this field to determine measures, "said Alfredo Muruaga, secretary of the Public Health Policy of Río Negro.

To spread the disease in the southern Andes region of Rio Negro, the official said that preventive measures have been strengthened. "We are in constant contact with Chubut and National Health Authorities to see what is happening and what is needed in the future," he added.

The Malbrán Institute, when it is analyzed in the laboratory contact cases, has been confirmed It was a birthday party where the emergence took place.

"Reports have analyzed and updated 400 samples, including samples of one-year contacts," said the agency, under the Ministry of National Health.

The first female victim of the appearance was the same birthday girl, at the age of 14, and died on December 3 and ten days later.

Men were the source of the infection and their wife, they got sick and they also recovered.

Six people who participated were also lost in December and the first days of 2019.

Precautionary measures
– If you go to the fields, you do not have a camp around bushes or piles of wood or water.

– If you go to cabins or shelters, you must open it and ventilate it for a few hours before installing it.

– Wipe it with wet cloths, avoid smoking and strangers to contact flesh, urine or mouse saliva.

– Remember that you have fever, headache and limb, flu or gastrointestinal discomfort, consult your doctor or go to the next hospital or health center.

– It is important that the incubation period of the disease may occur within 45 days after exposure, following the symptoms of the virus exposure.

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