Saturday , January 16 2021

Hantavirus: what it is, how it is spread and how it can be lost

According to Hantavirus, Chubuti confirmed three deaths yesterday number of nine dead This disease has allowed the local authorities to decide on the compulsory isolation of suspicious situations, in order to further spread the viruses.

It is indicated in the last part of the Ministry of Health of that province Hantavirus confirmed cases are 24.

As a consequence of the case, the Ministry of Health of Río Negro extended several sections Recommendations and preventative measures to prevent pollution.

"Due to the occurrence of Hantavirus cases, in the town of Epuyen, in the province of Chubut, hantavirus is a serious illness caused by the virus hantavirus," warned Alfredo Muruaga, Public Health Policy Secretary.

The colilargo muzzle is the main reservoir and the transmitter is a rodent, and the virus expels it through saliva, feces and urine. Human infection is a virus that is inhaled by rodents and their bodies, and the circulation of Patagonia can be changed from person to person.

In this sense, "it is recommended that you take preventive measures: keep alive, keep rodents, keep them at home, keep them clean and tidy, do not waste rubbish and food in rodents, doors must be closed and sealing windows, cracks and ashes and the house surrounding cleaning and decorating, sheds, greenhouses, composting and corrals. "

In the case of soil, "respiratory protection (masks or masks) and oculars have been recalled".

"For recreational activities, take into account: only authorized camping sites and extinction and hermetically sealed camps"Muruaga warned that "it is also recommended to walk in clear roads, as clearly as possible during the day and with shoes closed, to collect wood, in open areas only and throughout the day."

He also advised: "Before adding water to natural sources, add a drop of bleach per liter of waterAvoid getting access to abandoned buildings, when places that are closed for a long period of time, use breathing and eye protection; open the doors and leave the windows for 60 minutes; Put a lot of water and 10% bleach (9 stomach stomach) and leave for 30 minutes and clean it and sort it.

If the dead rodents are found, the officer recommends "sprinkle with water and 10% bleach, wait for 30 minutes, use rubber gloves or handbags to handle them, double-pouched in bags and clean or safely burn fires."

Flu (fever, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, headache and abdominal pain) have similar symptoms, it is recommended to consult a health professional.

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