Sunday , May 16 2021

Hantavirus's appearance has disappeared in Río Negro – Telam

The 38-year-old woman from Bolson was taken to the Bariloche hospitals today, as she was hospitalized with the symptoms of Hantavirus, and the case was related to the situation with Epuyen in Chubut, the authorities rejected Río Negro's emergence of the province's disease.

Patient studies were sent to the Malbrán Institute in Buenos Aires, in the event of a hantavirus case.

The Government of the Rio Negro Media Secretariat has announced through its website that preventing the El Bolsón Hospital team from being instructed to isolate the family of the patient, whose members are assisted by the municipalities. their needs and their proper health monitoring.

The aforementioned patient, Bariloche, entered the hospital in El Bolsón last Wednesday, but when it happened before his father, he was hospitalized in Esquel's hospital in Chubut and was later dismissed as a suspect.

In any case, Bariloche went to his father Esquel, where he went to another health center for infected patients. That is why the influence of women in the Chubut province, according to the website of the Rio Negro Secretariat, so far "is the power that reveals the occurrence of El Bolson".

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