Monday , March 30 2020
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Happy birthday and celebrity photos

In Buenos Aires, on the coast, Punta del Este, Villa Carlos Paz or in a country and a tourist environment, celebrities used their accounts in social media to say goodbye to the year and to welcome 2019.

They show how they spend a lot of published photos over the day. Accompanied by your friends, family, partner or summer theater season, The image of the entertainment world shared a moment of intimacy with its followers.

Some also had the opportunity leave the message for peace next year and your wishes. as Flavio Mendoza, together with his son, Dionysus, and his dog, said: "Those that are not dreams are not dreams. Be happy! "

Jimena Baron, like many other celebrities, left a very emotional message: "I do not say a word about how happy and happy I feel (…) Women, girls, girls, were ours this year, leave it awake & # 39; as of 2018In the picture above, think, review what was wrong, what happened to us in our life, what we ate, what was not reasonable, what we do not want, who stepped on and did not allow us to move forward, why did we leave it? Did we leave And now 2019 this "get up and go" we receive it where we always went and we did not push ourselves ".

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