Saturday , January 29 2022

Harley-Davidson & # 39; LiveWire & # 39; the engine has dumped the market


Most traditionalists do not like it, Hang Green green Harley-Davidson label Project begun in 2014

LiveWire is the first electric motorcycle in the world this year, About $ 30,000 in the price of some markets.

Harley – This new Davidson model Prototype prevails pretty much in advance. The motorcycle is lightweight, lightweight and sporty, marking the brand's tradition further.

Its chassis aluminum casting can lose balance. Likewise, it has high-performance suspension -Show-Adjustable.

But its main attraction is the electric motor, with permanent magnet The maximum torque generated by the engine is strengthened, starting with the last one. And with high-performance braking arrangements, Brembo disks were installed.

Besides, a motor designed to send a sound that increases the volume speedso that the pedestrians will surely appreciate it LiveWire, Driver choosing from seven different driving modes.

Another important aspect Batteries with lithium-ion batteries and 175 kilometers allow City use cycle by MIC. Compatible with charging points or with a built-in device included in the home cell.

Depending on the charging options, the entire charge has a standard plug for standard 20-km autonomy. To do this faster, you need 3 levels, you will get a full charge for less than 1 hour.

Its touch screen is another luxury. It measures 10.9 centimeters and it is essential to inform the driver of configurable data, such as speed, autonomy and battery status.

Thus, Harley-Davidson began an internal revolution with the first indicator of its "green" era and it's probably more than 115 years old that he has taken to his family.

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