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Harvard Prof Nor Recommended "The Alien Spacecraft Is Not Backing Down"



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The academies called themselves other researchers and commentators.

Earlier this month, Avi Loeb, the head of astronomy at the University of Harvard, expanded his criticism and folly according to his paper, "Oumuamua & # 39; The mysterious spiritual space called "Space Nuclear" could be. But Loeb does not throw it back, he goes down.

Loeb recently sat down in a long interview with Ars Technica. The website was published on Thursday, after defending science behind its conclusions. Loeb talked about the topic, even though it was offensive, because its criticisms were suggested by academics and scientists as a means of marginalizing responsibility, by taking risks and shelving.

Avi Loeb, Head of Astronomy at Harvard, Falling Walls Foundation, November 26, 2018

"I think the scientist is a terrific privilege that maintains the curiosity of childhood, because they ask children. They are not afraid of being bad," Loeb told Ars Technica, Rob Reid. "Somehow, when they become adults, adults lose their inner sense, including scientists, many of my colleagues do not risk taking it, it's not a bad dare, and this is a problem, sometimes we do not know. Correct and badly. We need to take the risk of making discoveries. I understand what is Oumuamua, by doing so, it does not matter how well-known an idea is the opposite of Twitter, what do we know? "

Loeb said he did not think that humans were much more advanced than the time of Galilee, because scientists were persecuted to talk about unknown events about the universe.

"Many people think that they know it later," he said. "Although people have a lot of harm to what has been the result of science, they want to see that answer."

"He should be a man," he emphasized.

"Academic communities have this concept of temperature, because it has the ability to live somebody, [irrespective] What's wrong, right? As long as this person does not engage in any crime. This is a great privilege. It is a privilege to follow the ideas that lead some ideas, without worrying about others thinking. However, in academics many practitioners do not use this privilege. Once they get their position they worry about the image and they do not go wrong. In this way, they trace the purpose of their profession. The process of payment is to allow freedom from your conclusions and, therefore, if people had a problem with that problem, Oumuamua should offer a specific alternative over-execution. Call names or say no scientific contexts. "

Loeb said that the public had an interest in the good and bad debate about the conflict-related issues of scientists. He blamed the scientists because they were not interested in public affairs because they linked together simplicity and commonplace attitude.

"I said:" Who cares what people say? Nature of nature. "I try to understand, and if civilization is going away and the people are very excited, that's great. If it were a matter of dark matter and people do not care … I want to understand nature, and I think that nature is always beautiful, ugly. It's a man, "Loeb said.

"One of the reasons for exploring space is that nature can stop it. But if you go to the beach and want to make a holiday with my daughters, you look at the sailors that were in the boat, see all types of toys coming from deer of different origins, and you can see it again from a plastic bottle, from the artificial one ".

"I think that this approach should be adjusted in the context in which we face the objects at the doorway, and we shall examine each one of them, even if Oumuama is a natural origin."

"First and foremost, this is a completely different process that makes this curious class of objects with much more abundance than we expected, but in a more interesting case, we are collecting data on the universe about the universe," said Loeb.

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