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He broke something: Marcelo Gallardo did not like the attitude of Guillermo Barros Schelotto


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Blood is in his eye, his hair must explode. Although they are not the protagonists of the microphones, the people of the Monumental were clearly exposed, before Bar, Conmebol and Mauricio Macri. It was also shown in two references: first of all, Rodolfo D "Onofrio" will play "Daniel Angelici; and then,

Marcelo Gallardo,

It never happened in its latest press conference, and it can be seen in the light of what happened

Libertadores Cup



It seems eternal. Differences from managerial domains went to technical institutions. Where's the Mourning Mommy Going? We know that without the solidarity of the River River on Saturday, 24th, Boca could not miss "games", because the pressure of FIFA and Conmebol's behavior was not overwhelming (although Cunha's referee was Central Monument). After the game between Gallardo and Gustavo Barros Schelotti, the images were public. The rider understood that playing in these conditions would be an advantage, the next day. But later, Boca saw that he was the winner …

In the future, the anger of the bus is repeated as an hour and the reality is correct: the team will go to Madrid on Wednesday, 14th (charter flight) to begin the training session of the Real City Hall. Valdebebas in Madrid, waiting for the Santiago Bernabéu football field on Sunday. The situation under less than 10 days ago seemed impossible and today is a reality.

Gallardo, following his style, adheres to the work and ability of his team, even though he keeps his guard, because he does not continue to understand situations that improve discomfort, CONMEBOL, FIFA and Boca, both leaders or coaching staff. Xeneize's decision at the tables, the loss of localization, the responsibility of the anti-rival opponent and the culprit and the final statements

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

Muñeco and his crew were a cold water tank.

The feelings of "treachery" and "dagger on the back", like some of the leaders who have slipped into the corridors of the Monumental, are still perceived: Núñez believes that although the river did not play, Conmebol's pressures and FIFA's goal was to respect the equal conditions of Boca and the affected players by 100% da. And he did not value himself.

After the victory against the Independent, the word of the twin adds 1-0 to the fire. "I have created an opinion, but we can not focus.


That we have to define it in Spain, we must complete it. It will not be a normal Liberator environment. But you have to settle, everything that you say is useless. I would like to play in Argentina, but I imagine it according to regulations and that is why we must continue, "said coach Boca.

In this way, the technicians took on very different positions, suddenly attacking each other and breaking into the Gallardo and Monumental districts. They were never friends, but it was always a respectful relationship, the relationship between players and partners who admired each other, even in the final superclass, they were greeted before the games. Barros Schelotto's words were broken when the three glasses disappeared: the attacks of Tevez and Benedetto, a low evaluation of the attitude of the coach, hello and how the players saw it – and show solidarity, and above all Angelici and his CD Conmebol The decision to apply for points, above all, by creating the supposedly empty words.

"How do I acknowledge my behavior?" He said in the press conference of Muño, after the arrest, asked about possible repentance. "My feelings would be lost, as others took advantage of, it's not our problem, or it's not the fan of the river," he shot, he felt that he could not recognize that space. in front.

After the phrase "Both sides to the end", we must see that Boca had to leave the last Wednesday, the night before was much more energyless, indefinite and unstoppable. And he contrasted his words with gestures. Because his position is clear: longings and feelings River could remove equal conditions for the Liberator's victory.

"I want to put energy and put energy into the team so that we can defend ourselves as the only way we can defend ourselves, so that we can better defend the team, we have lost our position, the boys … we've lost a lot and Now we win a lot, it's like real fans that made me see my indignation, it's like true fans, to play their team at their stadium and in the same conditions as La Boca, "added Muñeco.

"The decision has already been made by Conmebol, it can not be changed, it does not matter what the absurd … The Copa Libertadores de América Boys, we have to play 10,000 kilometers, what happened, what we had to do, we were today, maybe tomorrow, another da ", punish DT.

In the following days, the rivers will try to reduce tensions and nerves, which are still to maximize the virtues of a group that maintains great trust. And, at the same time, Gallardo looks for the blood to get the most out of the tool and tool to get the mechanism, to overcome the presence of its leaders in Madrid with a clear message: "Boca, Boca, Boca That is the approach."

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